How to Plan Your Day – Simple Actionable Steps

How to plan your day – Simple actionable steps. Do you struggle with being organized or getting on top of your schedule? Do you ever forget important events, or even miss them altogether because you have so much on your mind?

Other people seem to be organized, or on time for work and on top of their schedule. But you feel like you just can’t seem to get there and you aren’t sure why.

Have you ever thought about how to plan your day? I want to give you practical things that are simple and easy to follow. Rather than letting circumstances, people or the work schedule decide the day plan, plan your day with these actionable steps.

If you have ever struggled with being organized or frustrated that your days just seem to get away from you this step by step process can help you overcome overwhelm and have a plan.

This is a shortened version of how to plan your day and have a better organized day but I also have a really simple step by step Ebook/planner with a workbook for you that has actionable steps to get on top of your day, plan well, and know what you can do to bring all those things together.

Planner/Workbook/Ebook HERE

They will help you focus on purposely planning your day so that you can have more time to do the things you would like to do and enjoy your day. 

This is process based. Anyone can plan their day, but this is planning with a goal in mind and making the day count.

How to Plan Your Day – Get Up and Go

Plan your day with this first actionable step

-Get up and go. Do you get up, get ready and go without giving much thought to what you need to plan for? Many people get up and go. They stumble out of bed, shower, dress, head to work every day all their lives. Their circumstances or work schedule direct their days.

Even though a daily work schedule sets in  motion what time to get up and go, planning around that work schedule can have an impact on your schedule. What you do with your ‘other’ time.

How to plan your day starts with a simple schedule. Look at this basic schedule. Many people would look at this and think “yes that pretty much sums up my day.”

6:00 Get up- exercise, devotions, shower, get dressed

7:00 breakfast, watch news, make lunches, check emails (morning rituals).

8:00 Work schedule begins

11:45 plan for lunch break

12:00 lunch, lunch meeting, personal lunch

1:00 Work schedule

4:45 wrap up work day

5:00 Head home

6:00 plan for dinner, eat out, drive through food

6:30 sports practices, home work, laundry, take care of home needs

7:00-10:00 evening rituals

This is a basic day for many people. Students would replace the work time for class or study time.

And work at home moms and dads would basically put ‘work all day’. Right?

How to Plan Your Day – A Basic Plan

Ok now to “How to plan your day

Plan your day and the first thing is to get up and go. Laying around won’t accomplish much so get dressed and do something. Below I am showing you a step by step process, anyone can do. Some people enjoy a routine, some jump out of bed with no plan at all and hope they get to work on time, hope there is gas in the car and hope for a good day. Planning or making plans for that to go smooth never enters their mind!

How to plan your day – Simple actionable steps

  1. Plan your day by creating a basic plan. Write it down or formulate the plan in your head. This is the beginning of your own plan. Your game plan. Your game plan is individually yours. What time you need to be ready for work, mothering, fathering, cooking, schooling, etc. Your plan has a beginning and a middle and an end.
  2. What do you need to do to start, maintain and accomplish the plan?  This can be several things but to be concise…What will you eat, what will you wear, what will you do, take with you, and how will you get where you need to be?   Answer these basic questions and you’ve just created the basic parts of your game plan. Think about them now and not when you have to leave in 10 minutes for work or a class!
  3. Get up and get yourself ready no matter what the day looks like. Fill your tank inwardly, fill your tummy, drink coffee or tea. If you are empty it is harder to pour into a situation that needs all you’ve got. An empty pitcher can’t pour. And a dry reservoir has nothing to draw from. No life, no sustenance. Always fill up with good things and not toxic.
  4. Do not let yourself get distracted by the unimportant or less than important parts of your day. Other people and situations can derail your purpose, your thoughts and plans. Be focused.
  5. Give yourself grace and be patient with yourself. You want to accomplish more and you need to fulfill your hearts desire by accomplishing the things that are really important to you.

If you need more information and feel like this could be something to help you get on track I have a 20 page step by step plan with printable planner type pages that you print out and fill in to get everything that is in your head, on your calendar, and things you need to remember down on paper so you can begin to feel more organized and on top of your schedule!

A simple way to plan is write down all your thoughts, plans and to do lists. it is an actionable step.

In this blog post below I share a free planner page that can be printed out and used as many times as needed for personal use. Be sure to grab it! Free Planner Page to Print HERE. It will help you write down your actionable steps.

Plan Your Day – What do you need to accomplish your plan?

Plan your day means thinking about what you need for the day.

Buy the food you need to cook the meals you will eat. Wash and dry the clothes you’ll need for school or work or for little ones. These are basic things you need to do.

But lets look at a bigger picture. If you are planning to be a professional athlete what do you need to do now to prepare for that goal?

If you want to study computer programming, you need to make the call to the training school, get the application, turn in the application to the school of choice. Once accepted, gather your supplies and show up for class. Study. Pass. Get the degree or papers that say you passed and your good to go. Go get the computer. programming job of your hearts desire.

How do you use actionable steps to plan your day? It is simple. Each step just takes a thought.

-You need basic things for each day, Simply decide what those things are, group them together if possible and put them in one place where you can load them up and take with you.

The goals helps you decide how to plan your day with actionable steps.

Each step takes little steps. But they lead you to becoming the person you want to be and the person fulfilling your dreams and goals.

Actionable Steps – Get up and Fill Your Tank

You have to fill up to get where you want to go. Our nation is always surprised when people that are famous or in the ministry, or movie actors and actresses crash and burn. Or there is an inner collapse.

Actionable Steps

Filling up oneself with the right gasoline makes all the difference.

Fill yourself up inwardly with faith filled powerful words, music, devotions and fuel.
If you love coffee or tea or lemon water drink it to wake yourself up first.
Fill your tummy so you have energy for your day. So you can do all the things.
Do not under any circumstances let your inner soul, spirit, mind be empty. Emptiness leads to a lot of rough situations. Think about this: you can not pour from an empty pitcher. It needs to be filled to pour out.

Distractions – Derails Actionable Steps

Distractions and circumstances beyond your control sometimes can be navigated well and sometimes they can’t. Now that I am a little further in to life (big smile) I tell myself “you don’t need to get involved in that, or you don’t need to know that or just walk away, stay focused!” I tend to be easily distracted so I have to get on myself to stay focused.

Staying focused is an actionable step

How to plan your day and stay focused. Staying focused is something we all train ourselves to do at a younger age. When it is time to come into class, sit down, get out your pens and pencils and begin taking a test, we learned to be focused. Especially if there is a timer.

Staying focused helps you attain your little goals and then your big ones. Train and educate yourself for more. That takes time. It takes focus and training to do those things.

Think about this next example and how it relates to your plans and your day.

A football player trains, runs, sweats, tackles, gets knocked down all in one day. The football player does this over and over again to fine tune his ability to play and execute his plays. Accurate passes.

Determined tackling of the opposing team, and the number one goal of course is to score.

The player or players, it is a team, works at getting the football across the goal line successfully whatever it takes. 

All that practicing, running, tackling, sore muscles….all for that one moment. That moment is a game changer. Scoring a goal.

Game Changing Moments

Those game changing moments take endless hours of practicing and doing the same thing over and over again. 

The coach fine tunes skills and trains the players harder, yells louder for a purpose. So that the players know how to play with excellence. Sloppy skills must be left behind. It isn’t high school if a player is a paid athlete. So the skills must be sharpened. The tactics must be executed with precision. For that moment. Getting the ball down the football field near the goal. There is a better chance of getting the football across the goal line if it is near the goal line.

Plan Your Day Plan Your Life

Are you anywhere close to your goal line? Do you know what would represent a game changer for you? It can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.

The whole purpose of what I write about is to encourage others to move closer to the goal line of their life. Changing what you do each day so that you fine tune your time, your plans and your goals to make room for the life that brings fulfillment. Also to become the person you want to be.

My game changer moment came the day I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and asked Him to be my Savior. It was simple. Just a simple prayer. A request. 

And everything changed. My life took on a different perspective and a different focus. Now I know what I am working towards. I pray each day that God will give me wisdom, help me to see what I need to see, learn what I need to learn and impact as many wonderful people as I can along the way.

*The last bonus actionable step- this is homework really. Ask yourself, or have a conversation with yourself and ask “Am I planning my days well? Am I able to get where I want to each day and do the things I long to do? Do I plan my days in such a way that there is time left over for me to focus on what I feel called to do?”

Planning, Scheduling, Organizing Your Day

Let’s be honest, we can make a plan that isn’t smart. Going shopping when work is calling you to come in to a meeting. Neglecting the smart thing to do. Or staying in bed when it is time to get going and go to school, church, work, a meeting, or a sports practice.

Only you can answer those questions,  either way, plan your day well, or at least better so that you can treat yourself with extra time. Enjoy that time and do what brings you joy with that time.

Plan My Day Plan Your Day

I realized while I plan my day, I can’t create more time but I can manage my time better so that I am not always left feeling frustrated that I couldn’t get done what I wanted to get done. I want to cross that goal line with dreams that are inside me. Dreams I have had for a lifetime. Plan your day with your goals in mind,

In my shop I have several resources for planning your day! See below.

See the different sections of my blog and read more about purpose, intentional living and destiny.

Simple Process Actionable Steps

Another actionable step to help you plan your day is taking action towards your goals. you are organizing or giving structure to your day so that you HAVE TIME to focus on your bigger goals.

This is a simple process to have a better day because you planned it rather than losing it to outside forces we call CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND OUR CONTROL. Taking some type of action will lead to clarity. How to plan your day starts with deciding what you want your week to look like. Break it down into little actionable steps.

This helps so much, You will see that certain days are more busy or even hectic than others, Those days are not good days to do laundry, cook a big meal, or get out all the bills and create a budget.

Decide what days that projects and necessary tasks can be added to and then don’t add those necessary tasks to already crazy busy days. This is making an actionable step.

Plan. your day with actionable steps. When I created a morning routine, my actionable step, it changed my day.

To plan my day was a new thought actually. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I knew about getting ready and going. But not actually planning.

I do not plan what I am going to wear, I just am not that person.

However, I do plan what I need to take with me and group those things together. Computer, phone, computer tote bag, plug-ins, notebooks, work accessories, etc. I do not start cleaning house, nor do I get on the phone. getting ready is my goal and everything else fits underneath that goal.

Stay tuned. I have more coming on this theme.

Again check out my Planner/Workbook/Ebook with steps that will strategically help you plan for better days and then have better days!



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