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Americana Decor for your Planner

In the planner community and Bible journaling community, it is common to see people that enjoy adding a bit of art to their planners, or Bible margins. Whether artistic or not, it is simple to do. Adding stickers, stamping designs, journaling, or even using watercolors and painting a pretty design is the norm. I often… Continue reading Americana Decor for your Planner

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Good words to Know – Protection and Safety Scriptures

Recently we had a perilous situation where a gun was pulled on one of our family members. The ending was the person drove by and did not shoot directly at our family member but shot off a few bullets several yards away. I remembered thinking I pray for safety everyday. Never take a day off… Continue reading Good words to Know – Protection and Safety Scriptures

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Easy Peasy Bible Journaling Words

Hey I hope you are having a great and wonderful week. ¬†Recently I was cutting some words out and pasting them in my Bible and my husband wanted to know what I was doing with a glue stick! I had to laugh. I told him I was sort of Bible journaling! He raised his eyebrows… Continue reading Easy Peasy Bible Journaling Words