Good words, good plans

Americana Flag and Scripture

Hey everyone! It’s Quarantine day 24567&$89 and we are alive and well! Actually I am one of those people who fights being told that the world is ending and we should all be horrifically depressed and give up. No not me. So .... I’m learning some new things. Creative digital content. Watching YouTube videos and… Continue reading Americana Flag and Scripture

Good words, good plans

The Blessing

As a child I was fortunate and blessed to travel with my parents to many states. We visited churches, Bible studies, conferences with a large gathering of people sometimes thousands.... they were there to grow their faith in God and build their relationship with God. You see my parents knew the key to having me… Continue reading The Blessing

Good words, good plans

Gods Destiny and Plans for You

Gods plans for you? For you to live for Him. God has a destiny for each of us. We sometimes think we’ll it’s not a big deal because We’re just a mom or We just go to work and build cars or something we put ourselves down for. If you’re a mom be a great… Continue reading Gods Destiny and Plans for You

Good words, good plans

Nothing is Wasted

Have you ever had the thought 'Why did this happen to me?' Boy I sure have. Rough situations. Unfair circumstances that are not of your own making. God knows we go through them. I can't explain why but I know that in Gods plan for life which is good (Jeremiah 28:11) nothing is wasted. He… Continue reading Nothing is Wasted

Good words, good plans

Vintage Style Planner Printables

I don't know about you but I love fixing up my planner and getting it ready for the year. Mine has a weekly section, calendar overview, goal section, ongoing projects, idea section, faith section as well as budget and menu planning. Pictures of my sweet family are a must. Do you do that? I also… Continue reading Vintage Style Planner Printables

Bible journaling, Etsy shop, planner

Bible Journaling – My Simple Recipe

It is a beautiful (cold) day here in Southern California! I'm Sitting by the fireplace and staying warm. Today I have been working on a project that I love. I've written quite a bit in the past and I'm just now putting all the many pieces together. Working on a new Bible and Scripture Journaling… Continue reading Bible Journaling – My Simple Recipe

Good words, good plans

Valentine Free Printable

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a free printable for you. I absolutely love paper products, planners, vintage style clipart, paper supplies. I thought it would be fun to share with you some printables for you to use. You just tap on the image and then you can click to save it to your computer,… Continue reading Valentine Free Printable

Good words, good plans

Running Towards your Goals & Free Goal Printable

The last few months have been leading up to a big change. Going to work each day life seemed to be on an endless track and then… we got a house offer and job offer and suddenly we’re moving! Our goal. Move to another state. Why? Because we felt that there was more for us… Continue reading Running Towards your Goals & Free Goal Printable