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Hey everyone. Are you a planner person, writing notes, jotting down things to remember? Planning has always been an important event in my life. As a young girl I remember loving writing down lists, and things  I needed to do. I grew up having a game plan!

As I got a bit older I made checklists and to do lists that were a bit more serious.  The homework that was due the next day or next week. Or perhaps a sports event I needed to have my uniform clean for. I always had a game plan.

vintage housework

Even after I got married I had a game plan. It centered more around home life, family, friends, church events to name a few. But often I’d get upset if I wasn’t able to complete my To Do list. It became such a pressure for me because I let it be a pressure to me. Does that make sense? I let it control my day. Rather than my purpose and destiny of just being a good wife and mom, I had to get so many things done, or I felt behind, and then overwhelmed at the thought of trying to get caught up the next day.


The To Do list was a list of things I really needed to remember to accomplish but they weren’t necessarily my life’s goals, nor were they necessarily important. It was more of a Remember list.


Remember to pay these bills, do the laundry before the week began, put gas in the car, pick kids up from soccer practice. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But I wanted and needed more. (Free printable To Do List for you!)

Daily To Do 1a

Click on template above to save to your device and then print.

I came to an amazing conclusion that I needed to prioritize my Goals and Destiny desires or they’d never come to realization. Rather than my everyday  responsibilities guiding me, I decided to change what guided me.

I really think I kept myself so busy in earlier years that completing bigger goals and dreams eluded me because I didn’t schedule them in…into my daily or weekly or monthly life. I kept so busy with what my day demanded, that my real hearts desires grew fragile under the weight of my To Do list.

vintage housework rules

So I started with just a simple list of what I actually needed to accomplish during the week – cooking, laundry, sports events, church responsibilities ( I’ve been a worship leader and music director for most of my life) and then the time frames that those things would realistically require. The time left over was for me to intentionally decide what would happen! Instead of leaving it up to chance, and uncontrolled circumstances, which do happen.  I began to create my own personal road map, or game plan. Just for me….those precious moments were mine to waste, or to do something that would mean something in the bigger picture.

I did have a plan, and I did have a stronger desire, and that is what I will be sharing with you more in the weeks ahead. Below is a Free blank Daily To Do Printable that I am using presently in my planner. It is for jotting down the basics. I also have a larger Free Master To Do List below.  It is for writing notes, and what planners call Brain Dump. Taking all the projects, plans and ideas in your head and writing them all down on a piece of paper. As your schedule gets more fine tuned, these project ideas and plans get scheduled in to your daily, weekly or monthly schedule/planner sections.

Master To Do List

Click on template above and download to your device, save and print.

*Did you know that if you spend 15 minutes a day on a project, that at the end of the week you will have spent 2 1/2 hours on that project?  It is planning towards your project, goals and desires, and fitting time segments in during your week to accomplish your bigger goals.

Making good plans is different that New Year’s resolutions because the plans can be made anytime of day, week, month or year. These plans come from deep within you, the real you, the you that might be neglected, but still there nonetheless. They are not temporal plans of just having the laundry done and the house clean!

My dad would always ask me “Deb where do you see yourself a year from now, or 5 years from now?” I would think – I don’t know! I can’t even keep this week straight much less know what I’m doing a year from now.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the little every day demands we don’t think or plan for the future.  But you will. I’ve got something exciting to share, and it will at least get you to think about your life, your future, your goals, your desires and your dreams. Time to get back on track and wake up those dreams. Don’t let life pass by, and you look back and think ‘I wish I would have, or if only I could have…’  Every day is a good day to start back up and get going.

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Ecclesiastes 7:8 says “Better are the days ahead of you than the days behind you.”  I like that. I want to look to my future and believe it will get better and brighter.

Till next time!