Planning My Day

Planning my day so I focus on the important things. With Fall here this week, days begin to get a bit cooler and mornings get a bit crisper.

Knowing there are wonderful things to enjoy I often find myself overwhelmed by the little fires keeping me from enjoying the crackling fire in the evenings. Just being busy. Do you feel busy too?

I purposefully plan for fall. I love it and have to plan my days so I enjoy what fall brings. As a planner, I schedule which days I get ready for work and which days I am home keeping our home pulled together. However, what I want to enjoy is pumpkin spice lattes, cozy fires in the fireplace, going to the pumpkin patch, and snuggling with soft throws on the couch while watching a favorite movie! Sounds nice right? Not always realistic though.

Planning my day and evenings

Planning my days and evenings. My days usually involve work, paying bills, making calls, etc. I know you can relate.

Most evenings I am catching up on work. On my way home I think about what I need and want to do when I get home, and then I narrow it down to what that really looks like. I’ll make a list for the morning to pick up where I left off so I don’t forget. I try to help myself be successful.

Each Season Calls for different plans

Planning my day and knowing each season calls for different plans. I am not making lunches for kids, but I am running a business on the side of my day job. Both jobs need attention.

At this season of my life I try to plan my day and tackle the necessary things early in the day while I am clear headed and filled with energy. Tackling bills or what to cook for dinner after 6 does not usually end well. I am just talking for me! Haha. I learned early on about myself I have energy early in the day, and I am mush after 7 pm! Oh my. I wish I could stay up late and accomplish great things by midnight but I do not have that clock inside me.

Here is my basic day that I plan:

  • Morning devotions is a must for me to keep my tank filled (coffee too!)
  • Get ready and dress for day, makeup, hair, all the things
  • Morning meeting with office (I work for hospice)
  • Lunch is checking emails, personal phone calls, etc.
  • Work till 4:45 PM
  • Get home and make dinner or heat up left overs
  • Online business, check emails, shop information, take care of orders, respond to customers, etc.
  • Watch news with hubby
  • 10:00 usually bed time.

I do have a clock inside me. An internal one. It goes off at 10:00. I don’t know what. happens between 10 and 5, or where the clock goes, but it mysteriously comes on at 5:00. Big smile.

Early on in our marriage I realized (and this was a game changer for our marriage) that one of us would need to hold our home together. We both worked, but one of us needed to assess the important tasks, like paying the electric bill, schedule doctor appointments, and keep the home fires continually burning. My husband and I came up with a plan that worked for our marriage and for us. We agreed how to plan our day and how to follow the plan. That person was me.

Also realizing we were a team was a key factor, because I was helping our team have better days.

Realizing the successful part I played in my days and marriage really changed my goals and how I approached things. I plan and schedule the basic calendar of our days. There are changes, but planning for the most part leads to more success than trouble.

When my husband and I first were married we missed weddings, lost keys, had dirty clothes on days we needed them for a special event! I wasn’t organized nor did I know a thing about planning or being prepared for my days. I read books, asked my friends who are organized about planning their day and asked pertinent questions. This brought clarity to me. I began implementing a plan. Small steps at first that led to better days.

I plan the most important things, discuss or send text messages to my family (lovingly referred to as my team) so they aren’t missed.

I want to give you a free daily plan printable. Right click on it to save to your device. At this point you can print out and write in your schedule for each day.

This helps for two reasons:

  1. You see where your time is going.
  2. You see where you have openings to do some things you would like to do.

This may seem simple to some, however to others you may relate to what I am talking about.

I think I struggled so much with planning my day as a young adult I caused some of my own frustration. When I began to plan, or get my schedule out of my head onto paper it made a big difference. I then began to notice I had better days.

Be sure to see my other posts about starting your day and enjoying your days!

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In the mornings, and sometimes at night we go over planning our day.

Planning Our Day

  • Appointments
  • Meetings
  • Paying specific bills
  • Grandkids soccer
  • Church leadership meetings

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