Giving Thanks- out of the ordinary

Hey everyone! Have you noticed most people are sharing their posts about being grateful and thankful? It’s a good trend.

So many complain about everything- and then throw in a rough year and they pile on the complains and panic driven comments- but not everyone complains. We have amazing nurses and frontline people in our family and friends circles that don’t complain. They are absolutely warriors!

I am only mentioning this because recently we were at a small gathering and it felt like a “Can you top this” discussion. Oh my…. zig and zag went the direction of the afternoon!

I kept thinking I don’t want to be like this, talk like this, think like this not be defined by this year. But it has been a rough year. But not every moment… some moments have been beautiful- Memorable….

I believe Robert Schuller once said “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.” that comes from someone who endured rough times but made it through.

Forgive me, but that is what I want in my life someone who made it through- despite the horrific circumstances

Despite tough years, pandemics and hard times….

We actually were sick with COVID including our granddaughter who was diagnosed with Leukemia. We all recovered-

Including her- in fact after COVID, chemo, radiation and a bone marrow transplant she is now cancer free. That is huge for us and outweighs the rough sickness we all went through…. it is simple Gratitude always outweighs the bad. Thankfulness always outweighs bitter and critical language –

Lamentations 3:22,23 says “His compassions are new every morning – His Goodness and mercy shall follow me.” His faithfulness follows me…..

That is pretty awesome!

I’m praying your Thanksgiving is wonderful and good. I’m praying your needs are met and tour year finishes good.

Debbie Mills Booth

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