The plans for the rest of 2020

Our family is enormous and we usually top 70 when gathering for birthdays, anniversaries and seasonal celebrations.

We have gone ahead and made plans knowing they might change. After all it is 2020. But we still make plans and remain hopeful. California is shutting down again and it is just hard.

However! I am not one to give up and fall apart because others say it’s time to be sad and depressed and hopeless. Something in me just fights that thinking. Everything in me wants to be strong, not give up and not succumb to the depressing verbiage everyone is using.

We too have had a rough and incredible year. After months of chemo and a bone marrow transplant our granddaughter is coming home cancer free. We will be together for Christmas – that is a wonderful answer to prayer for us. But boy what our family has gone through- very tough.

I have decided to live with “no wasted days.” It is my new goal, my thought process and focus. Enjoying life and loving my family every day that I can. I am trying to be productive and create things for my side business. I also work for hospice helping people.

Here is what I have found being a believer for over 55 years- you have to fill up your spirit, soul and emotions to be strong. No one runs on empty. No one. If you don’t fill up you can’t get anywhere. Just like a car we have to maintain ourselves well. And people do run out of gas, so it is common sense to fill up!

Fill up. Fix what is broken. And hope in the Lord.

Don’t give up or quit. Fill up instead. Face the future with hope, instead of determination that things are hopeless.

Grateful. Thankful. Hopeful.


Debbie Mills Booth

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