New Year Focus

Focus- God asks us to focus on what is right, what is pure, what is Lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy….start the day with focus….once you’ve had your tea or coffee!


Our words our thoughts are all indicators of what we are thinking, watching and spending time focusing on. What is on the inside, eventually comes out.Lets shift our focus. Shift our thinking. 

 Sometimes changing focus is like wrangling a small child trying to change their diaper, or chase animals that have gotten out back into their pen. It takes exertion. It takes dropping everything and focusing on the one in order to accomplish the task

.”Lord Jesus we ask you into our daytoday. Help us with our thoughts. Remind us to regain focus when our thoughts stray. Lord we focus on how good. you are, that you saved us, that you have forgiven us and that you strengthen us for each day. We can do all things through you because you strengthen us. God you have empowered us. We are not weak and powerless but wehave the very power of the Holy Spirit inside. 


We can face the day with confidence and strength. Rather than letting circumstances dictate our day, God we ask you to lead us and we will follow. We don’t want anyone to wrangle our days, we want you to lead us. We want to follow your voice, your leading. You have a destiny for us and Lord today deliberately head ourselves in your direction.We pray.We sing.We worship.We do what we are responsible to do today but with joy and praise in our hearts (whether its dishes or diapers, pray and sing while you are doing it.)And then we are a blessing to everyone we encounter. (chlldren, spouse, boss, family and friends)

Thank you Jesus for using us. We are wholly devoted to you.In Jesus name.   Amen

For a simple devotion to start the day with check out “New Things” available Here!

Includes a themed scripture for each day, clipart for Bible journaling, short devotional and encouraging words, and prayer.

Blessings to you all in this New Year!

Debbie Mills Booth

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