Vintage Style Planner Printables

I don’t know about you but I love fixing up my planner and getting it ready for the year. Mine has a weekly section, calendar overview, goal section, ongoing projects, idea section, faith section as well as budget and menu planning.

Pictures of my sweet family are a must. Do you do that?

I also love flowers, beautiful quilts, tablecloths, pictures and photos.

One day I started thinking I wanted to add some of those pretty things to my planner and not just generic pictures.

So I created some of those things for my planner! Woohoo. I added quotes and scriptures.

Good words, vintage florals, scriptures etc.

The most important thing to me right now is that I have encouraging words, quotes and scriptures in front of me so I put them in my planner, Bible, notebook for work.

It really changes the whole day when you see something that encourages you. Your thoughts go from negative or mad to positive in a moment just by a good quote!”

This is a collection I created and I made sure there were blank but decorative planner journaling cards so note taking could happen. Room for an idea or thought!

Vintage Style TC Journaling Cards

Anything that helps you be organized in a happy way right!


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