Nothing is Wasted

Have you ever had the thought ‘Why did this happen to me?’ Boy I sure have. Rough situations.

Unfair circumstances that are not of your own making. God knows we go through them.

I can’t explain why but I know that in Gods plan for life which is good (Jeremiah 28:11) nothing is wasted. He is always with us – Emmanuel God is with us.

He takes the ashes of what was or what should have been and turns it into something beautiful. God always changes things.



Does the impossible

There is one thing we have to do though-

We have to put it on. We put on the garment of praise.

There is an action needed.

Put it on – the garment of praise.

Your mouth your words your praise.

When I speak or teach the ladies at our church or at a conference I always encourage them to fill themselves up with Praise and Worship. Sing or listen to it. It fills the emptiness and changes the focus. What was empty is now filled with good things.

Here is a wonderful song to listen to that will get you started! Listen to the end- wow!

What a Beautiful Name It Is


Debbie Mills Booth

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