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Running Towards Destiny

Hey everyone! I don't know about you but I feel like when my feet hit the ground some type of stop watch is clicked to the on position and I am rushing towards...destiny. In my posts before I have shared about the process each day...planning, writing good words in my planner and in the margins… Continue reading Running Towards Destiny

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Good words to Know – Protection and Safety Scriptures

Recently we had a perilous situation where a gun was pulled on one of our family members. The ending was the person drove by and did not shoot directly at our family member but shot off a few bullets several yards away. I remembered thinking I pray for safety everyday. Never take a day off… Continue reading Good words to Know – Protection and Safety Scriptures

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Planning and Overriding the Plan!

There is such a thing as over planning. Ask me how I know. Often waking up early, and reading, doing my devotions, I make plans. I love figuring out how I can get my job and chores done, so that I can do something I love. Big plans! Last Month and this month my intentions… Continue reading Planning and Overriding the Plan!