Good words, good plans


Do you wait well? Most of us are challenged in this area. I can wait for my coffee to brew in the morning. But usually I have to settle myself down when it comes to waiting. Isaiah 25:9 says “ and it shall be said in that day, yes this is our God: we have… Continue reading Waiting

Good words, good plans

The Blessing

As a child I was fortunate and blessed to travel with my parents to many states. We visited churches, Bible studies, conferences with a large gathering of people sometimes thousands.... they were there to grow their faith in God and build their relationship with God. You see my parents knew the key to having me… Continue reading The Blessing

Good words, good plans

Gods Destiny and Plans for You

Gods plans for you? For you to live for Him. God has a destiny for each of us. We sometimes think we’ll it’s not a big deal because We’re just a mom or We just go to work and build cars or something we put ourselves down for. If you’re a mom be a great… Continue reading Gods Destiny and Plans for You

Good words, good plans

I think I need strength Right Now!

Have you ever wondered why? Wondered why there are so many scriptures regarding God helping us, strengthening us, hearing us? As a believer I embrace scriptures on strength. God promises strength. In Isaiah 41:10 God even goes so far to say “Don’t panic, don’t be depressed, don’t give up. For I will help you I… Continue reading I think I need strength Right Now!

Educating Yourself, Good words, good plans

Get Up and Get Filled Up

Are you a morning person or night person? Early on I found morning is my most productive time. Get up Have coffee Morning devotions (it’s like putting gas in my tank) Get ready and go I’ll be honest ... growing up in a ministry home I was watchful of people who had broken hearts broken… Continue reading Get Up and Get Filled Up