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I think everyone does a little planning in their schedules. Whether it is to jot down on a tablet, piece of paper, a napkin, type into a note app on their phone, everyone has a desire to keep track of their schedules.
RIBBONWOODPLANNER HEADERI’ve created this blog out of a two fold need to plan my days in written form ( I also use my  phone/notes for planning) and to focus my plans on the right path. That right path for me is not just keeping track of my ever changing To Do list, but rather my destiny that God has PLANNED and charted out for me. Matthew 6:33 says “if we will Seek first the kingdom of God, everything we need will be added to us.”   In order to Seek Him well, I write scriptures, positive words, a phrase from an encouraging message I’ve heard down into my planner. Rather than a note here or there, my game plan is to keep God’s word ever before my eyes and let that be the focus of my life.  There are Good words in the Bible. They are referred to as promises and encouraging words.  I personally group them by theme – direction, strength, peace, love, adoption, faithfulness, leading, seasons of storms. Then I select from the theme which will include several scriptures but from different books of the Bible. These will be my focus in my planner. They remind me that God is Emmanuel – He is with me, never leaving me, has good plans for me, and guides me. Those reminders help especially during a season that is dark, emotional or even confusing.

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Scripture Journal cards –

I have been busy designing for some time scripture art, Bible journaling products for my own use, as well as for my Women’s ministry team. I have years of work that I am now refining the format to be used as a printable. Easily printed out onto sticker adhesive paper, or just card stock. The sole purpose is to have it before your eyes, to encourage and give meaning to every day tasks.

Laundry? God is with me while I’m busy doing mundane tasks. Taking care of an elderly parent? Well God is with you (Emmanuel – God is with us) and has never left you and knew you’d face this season of your life. I have groups of scriptures for this season too.

Good Scripture word printables

Last thing I want to share that is extremely important especially to believers. If you aren’t a believer yet, it is very simple to become one and I want to share that goodness with you as well. The last thing is my father who was an amazing minister had a photographic memory and memorized thousands, yes thousands of scriptures. What is so important about that is during his lifetime of ministry, he never got cynical, never burned out, never wavered in his faith for Jesus Christ. Great father, great husband, he was like an anchor. No matter the storm, no matter what other Christians did, no matter the assault, he remained steady. He poured out from the richness of his reservoir. His reservoir that he filled daily with the word of God. It was the one thing that kept him steady, unwavering, and strong throughout his walk on this earth. Both of my parents instilled stability and faithfulness in us as we grew up in our home. I have a desire to also pour out, empower others and teach the necessity of remaining steady in your walk with Christ. Not falling apart, not burning out, not hitting a wall, not collapsing under pressure….but remaining strong.


So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. Galatians 6:9

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