Ribbonwood Planner – Planning your day with meaning and Purpose

IMG_4505Planning your day with meaning and purpose. Not just a to do list, but purposeful planning.

There is something wonderful about writing things down on a checklist, or to do list and then being able to check off things you complete or finish. For the most part I have seriously been a focused and frustrated planner. I have used a planner before they were ever a popular  thing. I remember printing out a remade template that I made on a computer, maybe even a typewriter way back when, and then making copies on a copier, hole punching and putting in a notebook. I kept track of our schedule, work, sports, bills, etc. A tracker of sorts. All of this happened early in my life before I married had kids, and then really had to keep track! One thing I have read about is what leaders do in their morning routines. Most every single one, has an agenda or schedule that they keep track of things on. It makes sense really. But one thing I do in my routine is I give myself time for coffee in the morning and a devotional/scripture focusing on what God says. Focusing on a power filled scripture starts your day off to a good start.  It increases Faith, builds inner strength and also increases your Bible memorization skills!

Here you will find many free templates to print out, use in your daily schedule, or planning. I often change my planner pages up to see what works and what fits.

But not just for a to do list.  But rather an ‘ACCOMPLISH LIST’. I have things I really want to accomplish. I don’t want to just be busy. Does that resonate with you? I want more than. a daily schedule to write down on my list. I want more. And that means more education, more listening to podcasts or training videos to expand my knowledge, my know how, my wisdom, and grow me from the inside out. What I learned in my college days was wonderful and amazing, but it won’t get me where I need to be now in this season. I need more updated knowledge and wisdom. College didn’t prepare me for hardship, or heart ache, what to do in a difficult season. It gave me skills and ability for my job. But I have found that planning + specific themed scriptures on strength, comfort, direction, wisdom and knowledge is what will guide me now.

Nothing is wasted.

Print out your own favorite scriptures. Tape them up where you can see them. Add them to your planner, planner dividers or dashboard, or Bible journal. Somewhere that you look on a daily basis. Increase your inner strength when you increase what God says about your situation in a given scripture.

You can even ‘Google’ scriptures on comfort, strength, the single life, parenting, death of a loved one, job hunting, finances, sex, married life, healing and more!  God has a game plan for life. I make sure I personally fill my planner, my purse, wallet with words and scriptures that will build me up and empower my faith. My intention is to be a strong believer in Jesus Christ that can go the distance! How about you?

Be sure to see some of my older posts on planning your days well, free planner printables to use in your planning, checklists, organizational tips and more.

If it has made a difference in my life and improved my life then I will always share it. I want others to experience tips I have found useful.

Let’s keep in touch and please come by and visit!

All the Best,

Debbie Booth