Good words, good plans

Nothing is Wasted

Have you ever had the thought 'Why did this happen to me?' Boy I sure have. Rough situations. Unfair circumstances that are not of your own making. God knows we go through them. I can't explain why but I know that in Gods plan for life which is good (Jeremiah 28:11) nothing is wasted. He… Continue reading Nothing is Wasted

Good words, good plans

Vintage Style Planner Printables

I don't know about you but I love fixing up my planner and getting it ready for the year. Mine has a weekly section, calendar overview, goal section, ongoing projects, idea section, faith section as well as budget and menu planning. Pictures of my sweet family are a must. Do you do that? I also… Continue reading Vintage Style Planner Printables

Good words, good plans

Good words for the end of the year

No matter what this past year has been like there are some good things to remember- Wisdom comes from experience. Like touching a hot stove you'll think to yourself 'well I won't do that again!' With wisdom also comes the realization circumstances change. What seemed impossible a year ago may look different now. The way… Continue reading Good words for the end of the year