debbie profile 2018Hey, I’m so glad you have stopped by. My name is Debbie Booth.  I’m a Christ follower and  a happily married gal with lots of kids and grandkids! My husband and I met at Oral Roberts University, got married and have had quite a life and journey since those early days. I have worked for my father’s ministry (Dick Mills Ministries) for a good portion of my life. Which has led me to developing this blog. I feel strongly about inspiring others to follow Christ, as my parents inspired me. With that the focus on being a strong believer in Christ.  Focusing on the plans of life,  planners, God’s scriptures, Bible journaling and resources that are strength building.   In Jeremiah 29:11 God says ” I know the plans I have for you plans for good, not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” It struck me years ago, that God was a planner, He planned the future, planned our days, and they were good plans. He had good words and good plans laid out for me in His word. I love that!

I believe in being a strong believer in Christ. One who never walks away from my Faith in Christ, one who never gives up in the game of life, nor drags the name of my Savior through the mud. I’m all in and believe others can have this same walk with Christ. The planning part goes along with this for me. I’ve always written Promises from God’s word in my planner, because they strengthen and empower my day and my faith. I am constantly filling up my reservoir so that I don’t burn out.  If you are filled up you won’t be dry. Being a strong woman and strong believer in God is necessary for  my life on a daily basis.

For me using a planner is my destiny focus, my calling reminder. It is a game plan of sorts.  Like a coach would use for his football team. Listing names of players, a reminder of where more defensive players are needed against the other side and their tactics.   A strategy for getting to the goal line and crossing over, and a game plan for each player according to each players strengths and abilities.  My game plan for my planner is this –

  • Good Words/Good scriptures each day at the top of my planner
  • I fill my planner with  quotes, empowering phrases and destiny focused words.
  • To Do list, schedule, notes,
  • Contact list
  • expenses page
  • sermon notes in the appropriate section….
  • not just a list of tasks that need to be done or being activity driven instead of Destiny driven.

Separating a To Do list from what I need to accomplish in life is important for me to do. Bringing the focus to what God is leading me to do.  Years ago it was raising kids, and for me that meant being an incredible mom that created a hunger in my kids to serve Christ. I didn’t just want them to go to church, I wanted them to Love God and want to serve Him with all their hearts.  A few years ago that meant leaving my job, leaving Women’s ministries and my work at church to take care of my elderly parents and help them navigate their journey in the end years of their lives. I wanted to navigate well.

God is with you in each season.

I also love embellishing and making my Bible and  planner  Destiny focused books. I’m using the same colored pencils my own father used to mark his Bible to now mark my Bible!

Many of my printables, scripture and Bible embellishments can be found here in my shop @ GoodWordsForYou,

I can’t say I do anything fancy or different than other planner people. I follow many of their blogs for inspiration and just getting to know them and what stirs them. This blog is to inspire and make your written days good days, filled with good words and plans. Making good plans and becoming a stronger believer is a good thing!   And maybe a bit more organized during the journey.


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