Planning a New Beginning, New Mindset, A simple guide to Starting

I’m Debbie Booth

Planning my own new beginning. This year I decide to start doing some different things. If things never change, things never change! IN the last few years I have felt so frustrated that I didn’t know how to do some technological things, and felt weighed down by that I just couldn’t get a few things. My middle son said “Mom! don’t say I don’t know how, say “I’m going to learn how.” That phrase made all the difference for me.

This year I am throwing aside the thoughts of “I just don’t know how to do this, to I am going to learn how to do this.” It is a new mindset. Instead of being frustrated and just walking away from the challenge, I am walking towards the challenge, and deciding to move forward instead of backing away.

Starting afresh, means basically just starting. Instead of thinking about how I wish this was different, or I should have gone to college and gotten this degree instead of that one, etc. Basically chewing yourself out with what if, and only. So this year is a simple beginning.

I decided no excuses, no lame fussing about how things won’t change, etc.

Over the years for necessity sake I began designing and creating digital work for my business. Business and thank you cards, planners, journaling cards, Faith art, scripture and Bible journaling printables. It has been a learning curve but I am insistent on being excellent to my business and that has made me learn to do things myself.

I want to give you something. It’s a free printable calendar. It’s pretty and it is simple to go to, save and download. It can then be printed and used for your personal use. Something for you to keep and take with you-

Tap on each image below and save to your device, tablet or computer. Once it is saved it can be opened and printed. You can scale down to fit a planner or use as a 8.5” x 11” calendar.

Simple to save and print out. Can you believe this year is going by so quickly. We have recently located to a different state and different home. I am using calendars and planning templates which I am creating for business purposes, to be used in business organization.

To start afresh you have to get up, get dressed and move forward. Difficult after heart ache and death, but you must. I decided to learn new things, train and educate myself because I can’t stay the same, can’t remain. So this is a different season for everyone. This year is different than last year and I find I am needing to be more business focused, so it only seems natural to be creating templates that I need rather than generic business forms. That new business has kept me focused, given me purpose and made me determined to grow out of stagnation. IN order to reach some new goals I have to be a different person, because the old person would never reach those goals.

Reach New Goals

I am happy to say I am learning more than I ever have! This printable calendar is just the first of many things I want to share with you! Debbie (Mills) Booth

For more Digital product and templates please visit me HERE Adding to this daily. I love having resources that are purposeful and not generic, but bring life to my personal world, or business tracking. That is one of my goals.

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