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Personal Development. What if you spent 30 minutes a day writing to develop yourself, grow yourself and deepen your wisdom? What if you wrote for 30 minutes, less or more, and used the writing for Personal Development? Spiritual development or soul development? It is simply improving yourself. Where do you start?

Writing some thoughts down is a wonderful way to get what is inside outside, and put something down with words.

Something important that is a thought deep down into your soul for growing, developing and becoming more of who you need to be.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself for Self Improvement and Personal Development

I have 5 questions that are simple to ask yourself, to help begin writing with a purpose and plan. Obviously this isn’t a scientific study but a simple process to move you towards goals that have to do with developing yourself.

As I have gotten older the learning curve has gotten steeper in some ways. I work in a medical office and the requirements to educate, learn new skills, new documentation, and ways to access information is more fine tuned every year. However writing for personal development has taken on a purpose. As I realize different topics and themes I need to get better at I write them down, in my little planner. Then I revisit what I have written later that evening when things settle down and I am at home.

Students write out of necessity to take notes, do homework, remember things the teacher said. Kids write in school because they have to. As an adult writing with purpose can bring me a desired goal. In fact, let’s start with writing a goal. Or two. The topic is self improvement, but we aren’t talking diets or exercise.

Questions to Ask

  1. What is an area I would like to improve myself in? (Hint- something to help you think better, have more wisdom, be more informed, educated about something, more skilled in an area, yes lose weight, or exercise.)
  2. What is something I could start doing right away today to help point myself in that direction.
  3. Are there steps I need to take to redirect my actions towards this improvement?
  4. Is there someone I know or could find that is doing more of what I would like to do?
  5. What could I do that wouldn’t cost money but would help me learn more in the area I am interested in developing myself in?

Inexpensive Solutions

Did you know that you can educate yourself for a minimal amount of money or for free? Read on-

You can type in any title, topic or problem in Google, Reddit, Youtube just to name a few, there are thousands more places and websites to go to – to find information on the specific topic you are wanting to educate yourself in. These sites will link you to an article, ebook, podcast, video – something you can view and or read to give you more information on the topic. If you did this a little bit every day that would increase your knowledge quite a bit.

People love for you to buy their bundle, their packet of information but really you can read, look up, study and get information for free if you do the looking up. And their bundles are filled with information youre probably interested in. But again this is to encourage you if you don’t have the money to buy all the courses, the bundles and the books. There is a way to educate yourself for less, or for free. (30 minutes a day adds up to three hours of informative educating time.) This is a great and inexpensive way to improve yourself.

I know because after being out of work for some time I started researching and educating myself just by reading, listening to training videos and podcasts and more. I wanted to work in a new area but I had to educate myself to do this. The college degree I started with wasn’t enough for this new direction. The learning curve was steep but I have learned so much by taking this approach.

The approach is I want to be smarter, more educated, and grow my skills in some key areas, so I am diving in the deep end of the pool so to speak!

To start though I found I had to plan a day or a time, or it never happened. It got crowded out and pushed to the back of the line.

When looking for information on your tablet or computer, type in a word or a phrase and watch what comes up on your phone, tablet or computer screen. I love reading what God has to say about decision making, wisdom, guidance, relationships, and more. And of course as a Christian believer it makes sense that God who created us, knows how we think and feel.

The Bible also has a reference in the back of it for looking up scriptures on wisdom, direction, patience, endurance, happiness, being filled with the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the spirit, and more. Another way to look up scriptures and do a search is to use a Strong’s Concordance. This is a remarkable resource for studying God’s word and seeing what He has to say.

From blogging, to happiness, making money, retiring, baking a pie, planting a garden, raising children, there are sites, that are free you can reference to get information that you need. Don’t be afraid to search, read and find!

To begin, write a basic plan. This is a wise thing. Think of a recipe card. The title of the recipe, what the ingredients are and the process. This is a simple format so it is a good one to use. It is up to me to go after wisdom and understanding. I have to read the books, listen to training, or podcasts, or good faith filled messages. They inspire, move me, grow me and increase my knowledge.

Here are a few random things I would like to improve, develop and get better at. My self improvement consists of improving strengths and talents I already have but I am not near what I need to be to stay up with the current medical documenting and area I work in.

*Improve Computer skills, and educate myself more in computer programming.

*Improve decision making skills, less emotion more thoughtful choosing

*I want to grow my skills working in my medical field

*Educate myself in leadership skills

*Quit succumbing to the “What if’s” in life

Writing for Personal Development – key component

Why is writing a key component? Because you state the topic, or the area of interest. Then you begin writing how you are going to grow your knowledge and improve yourself in this area. This isn’t meant to be hard, but it is taking thoughts you have and writing them down so you can reference them, go back to them, etc. Believe me, it is helpful at this stage to write the basic information down, because moving forward the basic information will probably grow. That is a good thing.

I like to like to look back at goals I made a year or two ago and see which ones I have reached and which ones I still need to work at reaching.

Answering the Questions

I know that I have to start somewhere. I usually pray about things I am thinking about or troubled about. Writing them down lets me write scriptures that may go with the request I am praying for.

If you need a simple printable that is just for this writing project see the printable lists, checklists, goal planning lists I have in my shop. easy to download and print and begin writing! See several printable lists HERE

Writing for Personal Development – writing questions down

The last thing I want to encourage you to do is to write the questions, write as many answers as you can to the questions. This helps direct towards the answers, at least I have found that to be the case when I do this. It makes me think, process all the options, and then it helps me to let go of some things and choose other answers. Next do a quick search on your topic of interest. Type in “free podcast” or “free training”, “free ebook” where your focus is. I will often print articles out or save a podcast to listen to later in the car, at lunch after work, at some point. I do something that turns my focus to the area I want to learn more about in my personal improvement.

Start with the 5 questions, answer them as clearly as you can.

Writing for Personal Development- start writing and start doing something

Decide when you can start doing something, and decide what that looks like. It may be something as simple as reading 10 pages of a new book. Find people, friends or family that clearly are smart in the area of your interest. Talk to them. Go over questions in your mind first of what you would like to know more of and ask away! I had a brief conversation one time and it changed how I approached challenges. It changed everything.

One conversation, one question but the answer gave me clear direction.

I also pray this very simple prayer: God help me to learn what I need to learn, find out what I need to find out, see what I need to see so that I can become the person you want me to be.

For more articles on making goals, adding time to your day and living your life on purpose please visit me and read more! Found Here! Planning better days, making a daily plan, intentional living. All sorts of good things!

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