Make a Daily Plan

Make a Daily Plan. Steps that get you closer to your goals. A daily plan is a goal, and basic plan that can be used like a road map.

Making a daily plan is a simple process. The process is meant to help you reach your bigger goals. Eliminate time wasting actions and direct you or help you focus on intentional actions.

Do you have certain steps that get you closer to your goals for the day? Steps that get you closer to- getting out the door to work, school, or working from home? Reaching your goals.

This part is simple. The steps to making a daily plan. It is similar to a teacher writing down what happens each 30 or 60 minutes and then at the end of the day, look at that and then use that as a guide for creating a lesson plan to teach the rest of the week. Starting place, middle place and ending place. Regardless of a teacher’s students age level of students there is always a plan!

Make a Daily plan.

Daily Plan, Lesson Plan

Daily plan, lesson plan – As an example, think of a teachers daily plan which is a lesson plan – An example for an elementary class may look similar to this:

Go over letters and numbers
Each student must look at the basic set of letters and numbers for the day
Color pages with letters and numbers. Say the letters outside. Say the letter sounds
Read a story about letters and numbers
Show pictures with small words that have the same letters

A lesson plan, a plan, is starting with important but basic things first. then moving towards bigger important things, then finishing up with compounded things. Repetition to help students remember the basics.

Make a daily plan and use this as your steps to help you get where you need to go.

Debbie Booth

The reason I create a daily plan is to help me not get distracted and be able to focus on what is important.

Without any kind of plan, distractions often will shove any plan to the side. Rather than being purposeful and intentional. Each day holds a basic set of systems and processes. I am different than my husband and my plan is probably more complicated! Regardless of this I focus on my plan, and let him work through his plan! I wear makeup, I enjoy coffee, I pray in the early morning while getting dresses, and I love morning, so I fill it with more activities.

Make a daily plan. Reach your goals.

To illustrate the lesson plan and daily plan idea simply write out your steps for the day.

Go over schedule for the day (this determines where you go, what you take, how you dress, when you leave, if you need to be prepared with certain things.)
Plan to take the things you need, leave at the right time which means getting up in plenty of time to get ready and prepare for the day.
Stick to the plan, do not get distracted.

Everyday I follow a basic formula for getting to work or getting to school. And for some reason some days are easier and some days are harder.

Auto pilot the shower, getting dressed, drinking coffee, eating something as you go out the door. Maybe watch the news.

And then something may throw all that off!

Where are the keys? Where did I set those papers? I can’t find my phone charger, I can’t find my phone, I can’t find….

What happens Next?

What happens when your morning routine gets thrown off course? Distraction causes our auto pilot to suddenly not work. We have to refocus to get back on track. We all do it. But by the time we refocus, find what is lost our emotions may have gotten the best of us and the day can quickly spiral out of control….because we lost control of our emotions.

Daily Plan-Always look at the plan

What do you do? Do you have a plan for when this happens? Look back at the plan.

I have found that I create a mental 1 through 5 steps for myself. This is my plan and these steps are basic to each day and I retrace them to make sure I’ve done the necessary parts of each step. However, different days often require different plans or actions.

  1. Get myself ready- shower, dress, makeup, all the personal things.
  2. Eat something and drink coffee
  3. Gather supplies. This is huge. Keys, computer, phone, plug in, money, or wallet, and electrical chargers. Make sure to have one, the right one in the car as well.
  4. Give myself the right amount of time to do the things I always do. Be realistic time frames. Getting ready times, loading and getting in the car with all the things. Travel times.
  5. Plan for getting where I need to go. Do I need to stop to get gas, supplies, food, lunch? Plan the right amount of time.

When I follow basic steps for my daily plan, my day seems to go smoother. Not perfect but smoother. I think that having melt downs or upset can derail an entire day and maybe even the week. So I created a daily plan for myself to follow to not only get me on track but to keep me on track.

Make a daily plan and use a planner

Make a daily plan means you can use a planner. Have a place to write everything down. As a planner gal, I write things down in my planner.

I have created printable planner pages that I can save, print out as many times as needed and then write in them. Seasons change, and my days change because of this. I write down what I have to do, really to get those things done, so I can make time for myself to do the things I want to do and feel called to do.

I have quite a few planner printables here in my shop. Click on image below and come by for a visit.

Take a look and get an idea how I frame my days and then make a plan based on the framework. Planner printables are my framework. I fill in the information for the day and then the week creating a frame for my month.

Daily Plan – Refocus

Steps that get you closer to your goals

Refocus means getting back to what is important. Don’t let the distraction redirect me, my mood or my day.

Back to square one- we have a bowl for keys and entry area table for tablets, plug ins, phones, chargers, etc. A place. Before when we didn’t have “a place” things just got set down wherever and that led to fussing and upset.

The Most Important Thing

The most important thing I’ve found for me personally is when I start… to get upset, if I can reign in those feelings and not let myself go down that road… I do better. I respond better, can find lost things better. In the first place, I am in charge of my feelings, so I work at keeping them reigned in especially the first part of the day. I have found that that part is pivotal for me.

Over time it has taken me years to figure this part of my daily plan out, but I have figured it out and it has made all the difference.

Steps that get you closer to your goals

Daily Plan – I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Philippians 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I can find the keys, deal with unpredictable circumstances- I can because Christ is helping me and strengthening me. Isaiah 41:10 says “Don’t be dismayed for I am your God, I will HELP YOU I will strengthen you and I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

I can’t always find the answers to every question. But I can always find Jesus. I may not have a great day regardless of how my plan is made. And Jesus brings help. Brings wisdom, Brings more than I am capable of bringing.

Here is a simple prayer I pray constantly-

“Lord help me today. Help me see what I need to see. Do what I need to do. Help me be smart when dealing with people. Give compassion, help and answers when the situation calls for it. I thank you God, that I am strengthened with your strength each day. Thank you for wisdom, knowledge and patience. I need them all. In Jesus Name Amen.”

Daily Plan

If you need encouraging words, I have some great finds with good words, encouragement here in my shop

Please make sure you see my other posts Posts that are specific to planning a good day, organizing yourself and your time, or reaching your destiny. We all need encouragement and we all need a plan for better.

Make a Daily Plan

Make a Daily Plan. Steps that get you closer to your goals. A daily plan…

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Bring your best to today- God has strengthened you. You can do it.

Blessings, Debbie Booth

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