To Do List for My Daily Schedule

I want to share with you my basic to do list for my daily schedule. Over the last 20 years this has changed substantially as our kids are now in college and my husband and I now work full time.

However I do have a basic to do list for my schedule that has remained the same for many years. It helps me each day know how long it takes to do certain things and how long it takes to get ready for the day.

I do remember talking with good friends and work colleagues, asking them what they did to have a good working schedule. It was surprising but the people who had a basic to do list and game plan were the people who had less upset, and melt downs because they had a basic schedule or plan. Like a job description that says “Do this. This is what you do daily, weekly, monthly, etc.”

Basic To Do List

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“I want to share a little idea before sharing my schedule. I found out early on that I am a morning person, and my best hours are early. Early in the morning and early in the day.

I try to accomplish my most important tasks on my to do list during this time frame. Working at night, and being creative in the evening usually leads to disaster so I avoid that time frame and don’t schedule important projects, or time pressures during the evening hourly schedule.”

Basic to do list – pre plan

My basic to do list and schedule has a pre plan to it. I work full time, and I have a small online business that I have had for years. This is my soul and feeds my creative side that fills me with joy. My pre plan (I plan ahead) is to work one hour a day on my small business. If I can do more I will do more but usually this is all I can manage during a busy work week.

3 Outlets – a Continual flow

I have 3 outlets that I continually keep a flow going to.

  1. One is my online business I started 15 years ago. I am a professional creative pattern designer and I am routinely in magazines, writing articles, creating and making patterns for others to follow and make one of a kind designs. The continual flow is me writing, creating, designing and making a finished design.
  2. I have also used this skill, information and creative training to now make business templates for small business owners, work at home moms, and business entrepreneurs.
  3. The third outlet is music. All my life I have either been a music director or worship leader. Music and worship are an active part of my faith and keeps me very focused for my daily walk with God.

Now, My daily schedule:

Basic Schedule

4:30 AM – wake up and make coffee ( I am a morning person and have never been a night owl.)

5:00 Coffee, music, devotions, reading, writing and filling myself up so I am full for the day.

6:30 Get showered, ready, dressed for the day.

7:45 Leave for work

8:10 Work till 4:30

5:00 Back at home. Dinner. Focus on evening routine which is the following configuration.

Fill orders for my small business. Answer emails. Write 2 blog posts (2 different blogs) Track business, sales, advertisements, restructure any loose ends (mostly with customers needing assistance), packing orders to be shipped.

Also on my to do list and schedule: I do one load of laundry. Load dishes in the dishwasher or unload it. Routinely pick up and straighten living room, kitchen and bedroom areas. I am in bed by 9:30 and asleep usually by 10:00. I clean on other days.

One of the most important things I believe is to cautiously guard the important blocks of time. For me that is morning. Evenings I can go to dinner, visit with people, go to church, or a soccer game for our grandkids.

Evening is not a high powered creative time of work for me. I am not creative, I am not usually highly functional in the evenings, so it is fine to visit, eat, go to church or watch the news. I am fine with that.


But don’t mess with my morning, because for me that is when my success story plays out. I am fresh. My mind is filled with creative ideas. I continually write notes, brain dump and use checklists to keep myself on track.

Morning Time – My Best Time

Morning is my best time of day. Every day.

It is important to note that I don’t let myself fall apart though if grandkids spend the night and need attention first thing in the morning. I already decide to enjoy my day, that day with my sweet little grandchildren.

My husband and I have lost 2 little grand babies in the last 5 years so we realize the importance of loving our family when we are with them. Our family is precious and we enjoy them on the days we are with them. It is a time we intentionally enjoy. Today is what is important.

The last thing I think that has helped me the most is deciding what goes on my basic to do list and the most important things I need do with my schedule. For me I do not want melt downs, mishaps, appointments missed, bills not paid, and candles left burning in the house while I am away! To help myself have better days, I write my schedule out. I write it on paper. It then gets adjusted, added to or things taken away.


A basic to do list is writing down what you have to do , need to do and want to do with your day.

I do not just let my days happen and let someone else spend my time. It is mine and I want to carefully spend it on what I need to spend it on.

When you are a new mom that is hard to pull off. I have articles on my blog I have written about how I handles those situations, and made the best of them. I created a game plan for that season of my life as well that worked for me during that time. Be sure to see my other articles and posts for organizing and planning better days.

Each day is to be lived, enjoyed and purposely walked out. Whether it is changing diapers, going to school, training or or making big dollars in business, your life is your life and it is wonderful.

Crossing off the basic to do list

Make a basic to do list. Then crossing off the unimportant. Save those things for another day. Do something today that you feel called and destined to do. I have other posts about using to do list and being productive. Basic information but very helpful if you are challenged in those areas! Look BELOW (RIBBONWOODPLANNER.COM)

Listen to a training video.

Read a book.

Create a digital booklet for your small business.

Watch a tutorial how to do something you are interested in.

Do Somethings.

Live today.

“I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me the strength.” Philippians 4:19

Blessings to you.

Debbie Booth

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