Free Christmas Planner

Free Christmas Planner

With Christmas and the holidays coming up wouldn’t it be nice to use a simple printable planner? A free Christmas planner?

I love Christmas planners!

Free Christmas Planner

As for decorating for Christmas I am holding off till after Thanksgiving as we are preparing for a wonderful time with Family at our house for Thanksgiving.

Free Christmas Planner

But in light of Christmas and the holiday season coming I wanted to share with you a Free Christmas planner. I create several of these and they are some of my best selling items in my Etsy shops. I have a couple of shops. 

My one shop – Ribbonwoodcottage is primarily for patterns, making home items, little doll items and dollhouse patterns as well as a ton of Cross stitch and embroidery patterns. I would love for you to visit me here and take a look around!

* I personally can’t sit still too long and love to stitch or work on something while the tv is on or we are talking around the table…I stitch a little bit each day to process my thoughts, organize my days and stay focused.

My other blog RIBBONWOODPLANNER I have had for some time. I am a very focused and organized person and have an entire business that is focused on organizing on paper first, then my phone, then my personal home and papers, etc. 

A lot of encouraging and workable content on that blog to make you feel inspired instead of constant overwhelm! Here is a snippet of what I am talking about How to Plan Your Days If you need ideas to be a bit more organized, not perfect, then read on. I have some good tips and ideas for you however perfection is not part of my blogging, so there is that!

But for today I have a gift for you!

Click on the Link to receive your free printable Christmas planner. No signing up or giving your life away just a free gift from me to you!


I remember years ago making a handmade planner for my holiday season. A small notebook, and a small calendar were what I started with. I created an envelope to be in my handmade planner to keep receipts and then I cut up scrapbook papers to make lists, recipe cards, meal suggestions, shopping ideas, etc.

Using a Planner

There were no such things as downloadable planners, or printable papers so I relied on my own version of making one. Year after year I made a planner. I needed a place to write things down, and I wanted it to look like Christmas!

Many years later I have become a professional pattern designer and creator and now a planner designer and create digital designs, templates and workbooks for small businesses. I have several organization, productivity planners in both shops. Be sure to visit and see them.

Overall planning for me is writing things down on a big list and then adding them to the right sections in my planner. I just need to write things down and get it out of my head so that my days run better.

If it can be written down in a planner I usually add it to my calendar, however work related activities I save in my Outlook calendar of my phone. It gives me reminders, beeps, messages, etc. Write it, remember it and enjoy my day. That is what I aim for, still I am a work in progress.

Planner Pages

There are 14 pages in your free planner. and some can be run off several times if needed. The planner pages include:

Planner Sections

  • Cover page
  • Daily overview
  • Monthly overview
  • A blank holiday page for you to track meals, events, special outfits to wear, gift ideas,  music playlist ideas, etc. You fill it out according to your interests.
  • Weekly Overview
  • To Do List
  • Shopping List
  • Gift Ideas
  • Gift Budget
  • Holiday Budget
  • Christmas Card List
  • Christmas Projects
  • Christmas Planner Tips and Ideas

Once you write in all the things you know about. you will have a good idea how much time. you have 

to work with. Scheduling your days will be simple because at a glance you will see which days will 

be simple to add things to and which days that are full.

You shouldn’t have any trouble clicking on the link and going to your planner

however if you have     ANY trouble downloading I can help you.

Please contact me @

Calendar for the months – can be printed out several times as well as any of the other 14 pages.

I am always happy to help!

All the Best!

Debbie Booth

For more organizing and planning your days be sure to see my other planning posts!

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