The Importance of a GAME-PLAN

The importance of a game plan for each day is important. Make a game plan or someone else will make it for you. Yikes!

The importance of a game plan starts with making one!

Think about sports. A football game. A game plan in a football game is essential right? Can you imagine a bunch of football players on the field running around, grabbing the football, tossing it here and there, falling down, getting up but no game plan. What I described is actually a football game haha!

But the game plan takes the players, the ball, the field and brings purpose to it. A plan for the game. They strategically take a football and cross a goal line to score. A game plan.

Early on in my life I knew I needed a game plan. I was a hot mess. Messy. Late. No idea what I needed to do on a daily basis. And really I was happy go lucky and it worked for that time of my life.

Then I became fascinated with a roommate I had at college who had a plan each day, what she would do, how she would study, how she would take tests. I was mesmerized by her plans. I had never been around anyone like this. She knew where things were because she had certain places she always put things. I was so creative that being organized had to be learned. And I made myself learn it.

The biggest thing was my roommate was never flustered! Wait what?

She was so different from me but I remembered thinking I need a plan because I want to know how to accomplish my goals, get where I am supposed to go. I was 20 before this happened.

Getting married was wonderful, but also forced me to come to grips with the fact that I was a hot mess. I learned quickly about bills, work schedules, making lunches, every day things.

A game plan is so much more. I quickly realized that days were quickly passing by and I remembered thinking “I want more in my life.” Too much time was spent looking for things, trying to remember where I put something and being frustrated. That frustration is what led to me changing and shifting my thinking.

A game plan is you deciding what you want your day, your week and your month to look like.

Game plan. To plan and implement a plan for the purpose of being productive. Accomplishing something that brings value to each day.

My husband and I got together and made a plan for our marriage (beyond the wedding), then our work week, our down time, our Church life, and then our family. It was simple but it was a plan.

Our marriage- we decided we would be married for life. This meant whether fussing, laughing, or discussing we would be a team. At the end of the day our team had to find a way, find a solution, find a place that worked for us to talk, to love, to find a way to each other and find forgiveness. That plan doesn’t change.

For work we knew we both needed to work, so we have both worked. I did stay at home with our children when they were young. That was our game plan. It was an important plan, so we made it and stayed with it.

Our home time was time to re-fuel and re-charge. I created a welcoming space early on to live, to eat and to sleep. This was so important as time passed. Jobs and work became more stressful, busier, and more demanding. Home needed and had to be a safe harbor, not a battle field.

A harbor is a place to provide safe and protected shelter where a ship or boat can docked to be re-fueled and restocked for journey.

Church life was a key part of our life. We are committed believers and church for us was a place where we connected with other couples, families, and got fed spiritually. Church was something that was good because it filled our spiritual tanks.

“An incredible part of going to church for us was that we were surrounded by other people our age that were raising kids, or facing obstacles just like we were…We didn’t need to go through life along especially during crisis seasons.”

An incredible part of going to church (and we have always made sure we went to incredible churches) was that we were surrounded by other people our age that were raising kids, or facing obstacles just like we were. This was pivotal for us. We didn’t need to go through life alone especially during crisis seasons.

We surrounded ourselves with core people who were strong in their faith. This has made a tremendous impact on us throughout our lives.

Our life game plan spiritually: Living for God with our whole heart for our whole life. We live for Jesus.  We never turn away or walk away from Him. That has been our game plan and that hasn’t changed.

God put this on my heart when our children were young, to tell them “we will always serve the Lord, we will always live for Jesus, we will always head toward the goal, and that goal is a life of living for God.” which has been similar to a legacy. A legacy is something that has value and is important. 

Definition by Merrimack-Webster ;

1:  a gift by will especially of money or other personal property. 

2:  something transmitted by or received from a relative or ancestor from the past.

Legacy usually is the giving of something substantial that needs managing or maintaining.

It is left to family, relatives, the next generation. It has worth. There is importance ascribed to it because of its meaning and worth. A legacy also focuses on the most important thing being left to the most important ones.

Do you have a game-plan?

Yes of course you do. We all do. We get up, dress, go, eat, we do things. That is a game plan.

The importance of a game plan.

A simple game plan is to decide how you want your day to look.

Think about the things in your life that need a bit of extra hands on attention. Also think about what makes you happy and give yourself time for those things. I have to schedule time for things I like to do otherwise I get busy with what has to be done, and then run out of time. Does that ever happen to you?

After Covid, we had been so sick and I remember thinking when I get better I don’t want to waste my time. I wanted to use my time better, not waste my days. Hence the game plan way of thinking. I am a bit driven in this area because I had a change of focus. A shifting.

Each Day Matters

Last thing – the importance of a game plan, and creating one makes you fine tune your day and schedule so that you make time, create time for things that you intentionally want to do with your day. That is the key. Each day matters. Your life matters.

What happens each day matters. The importance of a game plan is to make sure your day matters.

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