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Hello everyone, I am going to share with you my tips to add time to your day! These are simple tips that you have probably thought of already. But my question to you is are you doing any of these and do some work better than others? Add time to your day so that you can work and focus on doing the things you need to do to become the person you want to be. It is always a focused activity. Time can work for you.

“Add time to your day so that you can work and focus on doing the things you need to do to become the person you want to be.”

I remember as a young woman working full time I wanted to have time to sew and make things for the holidays. Between work, driving 40 minutes each way to work and back and getting home in the evening there wasn’t much time. We didn’t have much money to buy Christmas presents but I wanted to make aprons for all the aunts and grandmothers in the family. I am actually a professional seamstress and have been for years so this was a logical solution to our dilemma in our early years.

My dilemma was time. I remember being so frustrated as my days seem to pass me by. How could I sew when I wasn’t home long enough.

I began looking at our schedule trying to figure out a way to add time to our day. This was long before time tracking was even a popular topic.

I found early on in my life that I was a morning person. So my plan was to have everything laid out. Fabric, sewing supplies, sewing machine, scissors and my basic pattern. I had everything prepared ahead of time so I could sew each morning for 30-40 minutes before going to work. This gave me over 3 hours a week of sewing. And that was enough to accomplish my goal. I made 12 aprons that winter before Christmas and enjoyed all the oohs and aaahs my aprons caused. it made me very happy to give gifts I had made, and it made me happy I had accomplished my goal.

“Being productive is simply doing everything you need to do in every way, every day.”

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Add Time to Your Day

Here are 5 tips to add time to your day-

  1. Look at your day, where time is spent and what you are responsible to do with your time.
  2. Assess your body makeup. Your body clock will tell you if you are a morning person or a night person. This is the time to consider when focusing on your productivity levels. Mine was in the morning so I gave my focus to that time of day. I knew night would be a failure for me because I didn’t have energy or focus at night.
  3. Decide where you can replace 30 minutes or an hour by taking away something you do regularly, and replace it with time doing something important.
  4. Plan ahead, gather your resources, make a plan and move forward with it.
  5. Help yourself be successful. If there is no game plan, there will be no success.

When adding time to your day, think about this- an athlete has to train, so everything else the athlete does has to fit around that goal.

A medical student put everything on the back burner personally so that classes can be attended and studying can take a priority.

Work often takes priority in our lives or those we live with because we need the work to supply the paycheck.

But there is so much more to life. Living one’s best life takes work, takes effort, takes determination.

I want to give you a couple pages to print out and use to assist you in working through your time, time management and schedule. This is part of my new Fall Autumn Planner & Organizer. The planner and organizer are available in my shop HERE.

But your free printable can be snagged by just clicking on the image, right clicking after it opens and saving it to your computer. Print it out and begin writing!

Free Planner Printable

Click on images above. right click to save to your device. Print out. Or send to your favorite printing source/store and have printed out several times. My local store prints color copies for 60 cents.

If you know how much time you are responsible for – work hours, laundry, bill paying, driving, food prep, eating, sleeping and all the things you do that take time. The point to doing this exercise is to figure out a realistic amount of time you have to invest in the person you want to become. Educated, smarter, tech savvy, deeper walk with God, a better parent, spouse, friend and so forth.

Figure out your schedule, take time to fill up your tank. Live in a way that you are full and pouring out everywhere you go.

What you invest in yourself pays dividends later. It really does.

The last thing, the bonus actually, is that you and I add time to our day purposely so that we are the person we want to be. Doing the things we are meant to do, in every way, every day. BE SURE to see my other posts regarding organizing your day, planning your day, and making daily goals.


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