Intentional Living and Organizing Your Day

Intentional living and organizing your day is a simple way to create a game plan that works for you. It enables you to plan your day and week better, giving you the time you really want to accomplish what you desire in this lifetime

Organizing your day today and write things down on the free planner page I am providing you.

Intentional living and purposely deciding about your day, organizing your day means there are a few simple things to do.

Do you ever get surprised when something pops up during the week and you think “oh I forgot about that” or “I thought that was next week?” Intentional living and organizing your day even just a little bit will give you big benefits.

This happens frequently if important dates and events aren’t written down. A simple note, a written reminder helps remind you of things that are important. Things that need tending.

Intentional living ideas

I have created a basket, (which I like because I can throw things in it to deal with later.) Invitations, events, date to remember cards go in to sort through and write in my planner, and add to my calendar on my phone. I also have a bill basket for a similar process. Corral it and keep it where I want. Then I write when it is due, or add it to my automatic bill pay routine that happens weekly.

Organizing Your Day and Your Calendar

I know for our household I organize my day and my husbands days by using our calendar. Written and on my phone. I am the calendar keeper. Events, birthdays, anniversaries, bill due dates depend on me to be on top of. When it comes in the mail, if I don’t open it, it won’t get opened and looked at. Bills might not get paid! Intentional living and organizing our day, our calendar, our schedule kept those disasters from happening.

Except one time 10 years ago when I forgot to write an important wedding in my calendar. Yikes….

Calendar – Free Planner Page

I want to give you a free planner page that you can save to your computer or device and print out to use. Organizing your day starts with simple planning. It can save a mountain of frustration.

I am someone who was never organized naturally. People that are naturally born this way are fascinating to me! But over the years I have read books, consumed information about organizing my day and have actually become extremely organized.

Calendar -Be Intentional

My reason for wanting to become more organized and more intentional with my day is because I wanted to do more with my life. I felt this great drive within myself to accomplish more. But it couldn’t happen with my days being a train wreck. I was the one that needed to help our team (my family) be organized, and bring structure to our days.

Click on image to save to your device. Print out and use as many times as necessary for your personal use.

Also to buy this planner bundle with steps how to successfully plan your day buy it HERE

Calendar – Accomplish More when You Organize Your Days

The goal was to accomplish more and quit letting hours of precious time disappear because I was constantly looking for things, and being continually frustrated.

As. you will see in my Productivity Planner HERE I go to great lengths describing the process that helped me be more efficient with my time. And it wasn’t hard, it just wasn’t naturally inside of me. I had to learn the skills to put my keys in the same place each day. Normally I set things down, wherever….

I would lose my purse, glasses, lunch at work, because I would randomly set things down without any thought. Later when I needed things I spent endless minutes even hours looking for those things.

Accomplishing More and Intentional Living

I am much more purposeful in what I do when I first walk in the door of my home from work or even when working from home. Again, my goal is more time to do what I feel called to do. So that means I need to spend less time looking for random things, wasting my time on non essentials. I want to accomplish more with my time and even greater, I want to accomplish more with my life.

I now have a 3 step process when I arrive at home, work or church. Find my place, work area, chair that I will be sitting to work or worship. Place all my physical items there. Grab a coffee and begin.

Doesn’t that seem so simple? For the first part of my life, I would walk in a room say hello, chat with people, or turn the tv on at home, and then I wouldn’t know where I had set my purse, the mail, my work, my phone, my backpack or computer down. This is crazy isn’t it? And then I wasted time looking. Looking for all the things I needed. I knew they were nearby haha! But still lost until found! Lord have mercy!

INTENTIONAL Living – Don’t be too distracted

Don’t be too distracted. Be mindful of distractions, notifications, phone calls, messages, commercials. They are everywhere! Watch out for them.

Reducing distractions helps immensely. To focus on the important I have to reduce the unimportant areas of my life. They are not completely gone, but I have intentionally removed many of them. It is what I am working towards, living intentionally.

God says with His strength we are more than able to do things. With His strength, His wisdom, His power, we are able to accomplish more (Isaiah 41:10). Be the person He created us to be. Live the life He envisioned for us (John 10:10) when He wrote the scripture Jeremiah 29:11 “I know the plans I have for you….plans for good”

Intentional Living – a finished plan

There is more. A finished plan is one you made, decided on, worked actively at doing and then finished it.

A finished plan. This is just an exercise in organizing your day. But the purpose behind it is for you to re-capture your time so that you can have the time to fulfill your destiny.

I’d love to hear what you do to organize or plan your day. Are you a house of fire in the morning or late at night? Are you naturally an organized person or was it learned? What are your best tips for organizing your day?

Learn How to organize your days

The last thought is this: Learn how, then implement the changes. Give yourself time to update your days just like you would updating a computer or phone. Some processes work well for others. Try it for a month and see. But learn how to be intentional. Learn how to get a plan for your day.

Organize, Maintain and Be Intentional

I read articles about organizing and maintaining your children’s closets, drawers and rooms. It helped. I worked at organizing and cleaning, but my kids didn’t always feel the same push I did to keep things organized. I had one neat and tidy son, the other not so much.

But what I taught and coached them to do influenced what they do now. And children do what they are coached to do. I was intentional about teaching them to be organized. To maintain their personal belongings and be intentional about their days, their plans and what they did with their plans. However as we all know it may take years of coaching and training.

Or Disorganized and Unintentional

The same principle applies to us. I was so frustrated at being disorganized when I was 20…just a few years ago…haha….I decided to change my life by changes what I did. It didn’t occur to me that being unintentional with planning my days would lead to so much frustration and disaster.

I realized I had to change the way I thought and approached my days before my days would change.

Change My Thinking

And I did change my days. Changed my thinking. Changed how I approached my days. I realized, and this was a moment, if I thought like my friend who was extremely organized and thoughtful that I could have a more organized life. It needed me changing my mindset. I felt challenged to do that so that I could see a difference in my life.

Over the last 30 years I’ve read hundreds of books about being organized, planning my days and intentional living. Intentional Living and Organizing Your Day. Now I have the tools I need to organize and plan my days better, avoid frustration (not completely but much better) and intentional living which then is fulfilling what I believe God’s plan is for my life.

Again, Jeremiah 29:11 says “for I know the plans I have for you, plans for peace and not for evil to give you a future and a hope.” I know God has good plans for me, but if I am a continual train wreck I may not get to enjoy the good days.

God Will Do What Only He Will Do

I am praying that God will do what only He can do, and then I work at doing what only I can do. He won’t do what I am supposed to do.

It is like praying and asking God to have a child. Which my husband and I did for some time. We were married for quite awhile before having children. God answered our prayers. But we had to change the diapers. God did His part and did what only He would do, and then I had to do my part. It all works together.

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It is a good day to have a good day!

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