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Roundup Collection Series – How to do things. I wanted to start a basic series of how to and “to learn” videos.

Did you know that there are videos, trainings and podcasts that will teach you the basics of how to blog, how to write an Ebook, how to make cheese, how to rid your computer of Malware (ask me how I know!) and other computer, blogging, writing basics? However the good news is you can change what you don’t know by getting some information. If you feel frustrated that you don’t know how to do something, learn how to do it!

I do quite a bit of research how to do things because I need to know how to write ebooks for my business, create digital resources for my business, and then make seasonal art – for personal, church or small business needs. Nothing is wasted. Did you know learning is never wasted?

Learning how

Learning How will help you not to waste your time. Basically each Week in the Roundup Collection series, I am going to bring you a collection of beneficial “To Learn and To Do Videos.” You might find these helpful and beneficial.

I am fascinated at watching people that are skilled in areas that can train me how to do things better. If you have a Youtube channel and you specialize in something (appropriate!) contact me or message me and I might be sharing you in this collection.

Learning skills to help you do things better

But more than that some of the videos I have watched: how to create digital products to sell, how to open a Paypal account, how to open an Etsy shop have been hugely instrumental over the years in learning how to do things – basic to some, and huge to me! Along the way that has helped me improve my blogging, writing, and small business knowledge.

Organizing and other skills

Organizing and other skills. For example I am fascinated at women who have their entire home organized, including closets and drawers. This fascinates me. I personally would love to be more organized. So I am learning how.

Roundup Series #1

Links below-

I am fascinated at people who have large blogs and show the process they walk through when writing, uploading information, do research and know the specifics of growing a blog for their business. How did they learn how to do that?

Equally fascinating are people who sew, cook, quilt, grow enormous gardens, build small homes, and show makeup tutorials.

The truth is I have to give myself a time limit or I will over indulge and watch how to do things that have absolutely nothing to do with me!! Am I the only one?

We have this one life, and we need to live it well. Not wasting the days. I think about this all the time and I think “am I living my best life each day?” There is definitely more I could be learning and doing to becoming a better person, smarter person, and embarrassingly to say a more organized person! I say that because if I were more organized, I would spend less time looking for things! So this will be added to my ROUND UP SERIES!

Below are a few of my latest posts on starting your day in a better frame of mind. Checklists, planning and a few freebies for you to access, download and print!

“Now unto him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly MORE than we could ask or think, according to the power that works in us.” Ephesians 3:20

There is more!

Debbie Booth

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