10 Tips for Planning Your Day Better Planning Checklist Included

10 Tips for planning your day better and a planning checklist included. These tips will help you manage your time more efficiently. You can get your essential plans done and you will be less likely to forget tasks or get distracted. As a result my planning checklist provides tips that are pretty simple and I bet you are familiar with them already.

Easily use tips to rearrange a few things in your day

Distractions Can Derail Your Day

Before I share the planning checklist with you I want to first remind you that distractions while a part of life, can derail your best plans! Secondly, they can often show up in the way of a text, email, phone call, television show or outside prompts. You head a different direction. Like a car on a freeway heading to work, and then because of a car abruptly pulling in front of you, you change lanes and are forces to get off the freeway. And it just happened all in a few moments! Thirdly, you feel. your day has not gone your way and you are FRUSTRATED! Does this happen to you?

Tips to plan your day – The good news is when you recognize the distraction you can re-direct yourself, get back on course, remember your priorities and go the direction you need and want to go.

10 Tips To Schedule Your Day and Checklist

Here are the 10 tips and a free planning checklist of 10 things you can do to schedule your day better so that you accomplish what you need to accomplish rather than the day going its own way and you being filled with frustration.

And for more planning ideas AND A Free Planner Click HERE

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Checklist- Click on image and simply download

A checklist is simply a list of things you want to plan. Things you need to remember. The checklist is for you to write down basic things, important reminders, special dates and events. Then check off as you accomplish these things.

For more ideas on Planning, writing a To Do list check out this POST!

Finally – Last Tip

The last tip is something I learned when I was older, and wished I had learned as a young woman. Prioritize your important plans. Devising your plan, giving forethought what you want and have to do. However, if we don’t prioritize our plans, our day, our schedule then circumstances can simply drive us off course.

The tips I have share with you are helps, suggestions, purposeful ways of doing things. But the truth is you need to make plans that work for you. Tips are to help. Planning your day is helpful and can avoid tremendous frustration.


Do you let your day shape itself or do you sort of know what you want to do each day? A plan? I would love to know! Please leave a comment and let me know.


Debbie Booth

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