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Hello everyone! Each day I write in my planner 4 things. From those 4 things, I can order the day, figure out what will need the most attention or time, and plot my time frame. I’ve added a couple free planner page printables.

The full spring planner is available in my Etsy shop. There are pages for daily, weekly, monthly routines, a bill tracker, habit tracker among many other pages. Check out the new planner HERE. * I always add good words to my planner, scriptures, words that encourage me and get my focus where it needs to be!

Planner must haves – Daily schedules.

Contact and emergency information and To Do Lists.

In the front of my planner I write my contact information and emergency info in case my planner gets lost. In the front section I have a month view calendar, and I also write my daily schedule with a to do list. This involves simple notes like a person to call, a meeting to be prepared for, a bill to pay. In my planner I try to keep daily appointments, zoom calls, time responsibilities, short and long term ‘to do’ items. I don’t schedule my day too tight and do leave room for phone calls, people coming to my desk needing assistance, and then after work, food prep, dishes, laundry…Things that are part of the daily ritual but not necessarily an everyday occurrence.

Planner sections and dividers.

Towards the front of my planner is the Weekly list. It is usually the second thing I have in my planner sections. I write the weekly to do list and to accomplish. I may need to buy groceries but I also want to accomplish cleaning out a closet. The closet may take a little bit each day to accomplish the process.

Important sections

Last section I write ideas and projects I want to work on. There is a section in my planner that is toward the back where I put in no random order lists of projects, ideas, sketches, design possibilities-

Once I have the schedule in place, and things I need to remember I take those ideas and organize them after work or in the evening and put them together. I have a small business that I make designs for and my mind is filled with ideas to work on.

I write down the thought and then later put it together like a recipe card. What it is, the ingredients needed to make it it and an outline of the directions and steps. That is my process. For a look at my new Productivity planner check it out HERE

Do you have a notebook or planner you write things down in? There are a few planners I look at in my house that are for home papers, reminders, when things were fixed or remodeled. Then I have another binder with several sections that is just for ideas, designs and projects. I love to revisit them and remind myself to either do them or check them off that I have already completed them.

I want to accomplish a few things in my life not just live by a daily ‘to do’ list!

Debbie Booth

Each day though I have to corral my thoughts. I often wake up and start getting overwhelmed with what has to be done, needs to be done, how will I get this done, and I still haven’t done this…So again, I corral my thoughts with the following things-

You can click on the image above to save and download. Then print out and place where you will see it daily. Fill yourself up each morning with good words and God’s word. Don’t let yourself run on empty.

Don’t Run on Empty

I don’t let myself run dry. I do my best to fill up with good things, God’s word, incredible worship music which fills my soul and spirit. When my soul and spirit are filled up I am a lot less likely to be overwhelmed by my circumstances.

I am Mindful of Rough Days

This week marks one year since we stood in a hospital with our grand-baby that passed away unexpectedly. Such a heartbreaking event and one that left us devastated. So I am very mindful of what I fill myself up with. It has to be God’s word, because there is strength in His word. I plan my days, organize things…I just do! But there is more. And the more is filling up my internal reservoir with His words. That’s why I do my best, and I’m still trying, to make my days count. You don’t know what life may bring, but I intend to focus my days on living a strong life that impacts others for good.

Psalm 34:18 The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.

Living Bible

Scriptures for each day

The scripture graphic above can be clicked on saved, downloaded and even printed out and put in a place that you too can see it, read it, say it out loud, and get a strong mind set, instead of letting your circumstances direct your day and your emotions. God’s word is a constant source of strength.

Debbie Booth

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