Clean out the Clutter and Organize

During quarantine I think we’ve all had to face the mess in the sink, in the closet and in the living room. Clean out the clutter in 5 minutes almost!! A couple years ago we were home for weeks so things got messier quicker. So I ended up organizing a few areas.

I started a new thing where I have to for 5 minutes straighten, throw trash away, clean up, wipe down as much as I can and as fast as I can. I mean why linger while cleaning? A few key things that led to success- move fast and don’t look at your phone or tv. It’s 5 minutes. We can do 5 minutes-

Save and print out your printable and write down the rooms each day your going to tackle. Then weekly tackle only those rooms on those days and you’ll see your short quick work make an enormous difference.

This has been amazing actually. I’ve found that 5 minutes in each room makes a big difference, daily bits of time add up. But the difference in the rooms is shocking because of this… I tackle the most obvious things first. Big items, big messes, or trash goes to back door to be taken out.

But it removes things that look messy. I’m saying all this because I’ve found when I clean my heart out on a daily basis, it’s in better shape. A clean area makes it easier to think. Don’t you think?

A little here and a little there adds up. My heart needs to be decluttered. It needs to be emptied of-



Being upset

Being filled with anxiety. If I listen to troubling news or troubling people my anxiety increases.

Think of this, if your heart got swept out and wiped down regularly it would feel better for a lot of reasons. How can you fit good things in if your heart is cluttered with negative things. Or just don’t let wrong things stay in the room of your heart. Think of dirty clothes piled in your closet. Where do the clean clothes get hung up?

Little things matter

We have one heart and we need to take care of it, protect it and guard it.

Do a little cleaning today. Pray. Forgive. Invite God to help you wisely do inventory.

You’ll be glad you took the time.


Debbie Mills Booth

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