Get Up and Get Filled Up

Are you a morning person or night person? Early on I found morning is my most productive time.

Get up

Have coffee

Morning devotions (it’s like putting gas in my tank)

Get ready and go

I’ll be honest … growing up in a ministry home I was watchful of people who had broken hearts broken homes and broken lives. My parents lovingly and prayerfully ministered to them. My father would comment little phrases to me that made a huge impact.

“People need to fill their spirits and their souls, their insides, so that if the outside crumbles, they don’t inwardly collapse.

He said it a little more eloquently but it stuck with me.

Great scriptures here

Now my morning routine is a must.

It helps me avoid collapse. During Leukemia treatment for our granddaughter, during illness and hardship….. holding steady and being anchored.


DEBBIE Mills Booth

My husband and I both figured out this little morsel of truth and it’s made the difference for us. Seek God first. Know what the word of God says and let that be your daily anchor.

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