5 Simple Ways to Add time?

Hey everyone! I hope you are having an incredible week! I have some ideas for you that perhaps you can use to increase time in good areas for you. And I have a free printable for you to use to write down some scheduling things to help you with your day!

If you are like me you may wish you had more time to do things you’d like to do. There are things we do that refresh us and fill us up and they’re important to our well being.

But how do you add time when your day is full of jobs, chores, getting kids to school or sports practices, fulfilling responsibilities, checking emails, returning calls and just plain life each day? How do you add something to your to do list if there’s no extra time? Do you just write it down for the sake of it?


Your to do list doesn’t determine your destiny….

Well I have a few ideas so read on and see if any of these would work for you.

My husband and I work for a hospice and engage with people each day helping them navigate through rough situations. We come home and we have little grandkids living with us one of whom was diagnosed with Leukemia. Our time is important to us and what we do with it. Social events are few because we are needed in this season to be anchors at home. This season means we do what we do well. Lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles.

Emma Joy

So for me personally I rearranged myself and my time so I can do some things I love. Things that fill my gas tank. My schedule is full but I figured out some very simple things that are working to give me more minutes.


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*I wash dishes ONCE a day instead of several times or when the sink gets filled after a meal. But I wash dishes.

*I quit watching one tv (actually I ended up cutting out more) show that was an hour long. After one week this added up to 7 hours of time for what I love doing.


My work space where I love to work

*I get up one hour earlier. And because of this haha I start fading an hour earlier at night! But this hour is quiet with no one up in the house and it is my favorite time of day now.


I do read the Bible daily. It fills my soul and spirit. Photo: Nycsisterhood

“ You are in charge of your schedule. Your time is yours to manage. If you don’t take charge….


*This is an absolute game changer – I speed clean one day a week as fast as I can. I put on fast music, I don’t look at my phone or sit down or talk. I clean, wash, throw trash away and clear off surfaces. This has been very successful for me. I don’t dread ALL the cleaning. I get it done. I am determined and I am focused.

-As an easily distracted person this was like playing a quick moving football game. Quick and fast paced. But oh the ground I have covered and the house looks amazing in a short time, at the end I feel like I win.

“Time wisely spent will keep you from feeling overdrawn emotionally. You are the one spending it.”

*Paying bills online, automatic bill paying in general has eliminated a lot of extra work and paper mess in my house.

*While on the phone I clean out one drawer. Or I straighten a cupboard, my desk area. A call on speaker phone can afford me time to fold towels, pick up dirty clothes, wipe down countertops, put a clean trash bag in the trash can. See what I mean?

Short snippets of time here and there add up- giving me time.


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I can accomplish a great deal in one hour when I’m focused. Those hour blocks of time are needful and important.

People run out of gas or burnout because they don’t fill themselves up. We are busy I get that, but we have to manage ourselves and our time otherwise it gets spent.

When it’s gone we can be left overdrawn. That’s no good.

Daily Planner – To Accomplish! click here for your free Daily Planner printable.

Free printable, click to download and save!

It is very simple to use this printable, or edit the template. Canva has an extremely simple way to edit a template to make it your own.  I gave you a link above to click on which takes you to. your free template.  Also if you decide to do more and create more click HERE

If you use Canva, it is free, unless you sign up to use their pro version which I do to create Workbooks, Patterns, Devotionals and Planners in my business. I love it because it is easy for us Tech challenged individuals!

*I may earn a small commission when customers sign and use the Pro Version of Canva.

My printable however er is FREE FREE FREE!

Look at your day and write out some changes you can make to HELP YOURSELF. Empty people can fill up once again.

Proverbs 3:5,6 lean not unto your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

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