Today is a Good Day

After a very rough season I had the inescapable feeling that I needed to do more. That there was more to do, more to accomplish and more life to live in the sense that I hadn’t lived it yet.

I felt driven not to waste my days or rather let them slip by me. So I wrote out some goals, ideas, projects that I wanted to accomplish and do. I actually quit watching some tv shows because I wanted that time back. It was an hour each day that I could replace with activity that meant something- remember I work for hospice so some days are draining and there isn’t a lot of energy for things after a full day of work… however I yearned for more.

God has more for you-

It was simple, I decided to exchange my lunch hour and a tv show hour for activity and goal tending. That gave me 2 hours to do something with. Those 2 hours I look forward to. I learn things, listen to podcasts, watch training videos on YouTube how to increase my computer, digital designing and writing skills, etc. But most importantly-

I come to God each morning and pray- “Help me accomplish more for you. Help me learn what I need to learn, understand what I need to understand, find out what I need to find out and become the person you have called me to become.” In Jesus Name. Amen

Let me become the person you meant for me to become-

Today is a good day to come to Christ.

Blessings to you,

Debbie Booth

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