Bridge- the Least likely bridge

Following a #wordprompt #bridge I wanted to tell a quick story about a key bridge in my life. And… this isn’t too deep but pivotal!

At college I went to become a music major. I sang and played the piano but quickly got the shut down that I wasn’t trained enough to be a Music Major! I was at a loss and went to school graduating with a social work and counseling degree. I did meet this guy who I’m madly in love with… and mad! Haha he drives me crazy. Anyhow….

We marry- follow Gods leading and are in the ministry, raising kids, taking care of parents and all the things. The bridge is this…. What I thought I’d be was a music director and music minister- which I was for 25 years at church. God still used my gifts and talents for music. And all these years later I felt God opening doors for me in a medical office with hospice and I’m using my degree after many years. The degree that I had no intention of getting but got because the door I wanted to go through seemed to close.

The bridge? Nothing is wasted when you live devoted to Christ. And I am completely devoted. I’m All in. I’ve found my lane and it is helping others navigate during this season of life. What I cried at years ago not getting the music degree wasn’t the end of that story…

but added to the story of what God has called me to now. Added…. To… the story.

Psalm 138:8 He will perfect everything that concerns you. And I’d add “not the way I thought or tried to maneuver.” But He will perfect it His way and in His time. His way.

I’m blonde but I’m not stupid. I know God is good.

Psalm 27:13,14

Blessings to you! Debbie Booth

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