Strong for Today

Strong for Today! Hey everyone! I want to share a quick good word with you. it has been a tough week for our world. It has been an emotional roller coaster. While we have no control over events across the ocean we can be purposefully intentional in our world.

Each day I make it a point to be strong for today by planting seeds of:

Kindness, good words, giving, problem solving, navigating rough days, etc. Doing what is right towards people in my work and my family. It seems small doesn’t it? But I know I have to plant seeds in order to grow something. My coworkers and family members trust me because I’m steadfast, not perfect but steady. You don’t often see steady haha because it’s like an anchor on a boat. You know it’s there, you can’t see it, but you know it’s attached to the boat. What you do see is the storm, the wind, the waves.

An anchor does what it’s meant to do. It holds steady. It is made to hold fast-

Strong for Today – Simple

Simple. And very very important. God helps us be strong for today and He is also an anchor to us. During good times, during rough times. He brings comfort and help. It’s found in his word. Gods word tells about His character. Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t fear and be dismayed by what you see. I’ll help you, I’ll strengthen you, I’ll hold you up.”

Faith comes. It comes by what you hear. So does fear. Guard yourself and how much you listen to the news, or depressing news.

So today listen to something that will build your inside strength and your soul. I listen to Christine Caine Anxious Thoughts

Craig Groeschel When you feel like giving up or Joyce Meyers… I build up my faith, my soul and spirit. I Need to not just be able to survive but be strong when others can’t be. Be strong❤️. Debbie Booth

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