Time for the Important

How is the first month of your new year going? Great. I am working at a new job with brand new people. All of it is uncomfortable and stretching me. A big learning curve!

On my lunch break though I’ve decided each day to learn something and read or learn or watch a training video. Instead of just eating!

I love to eat!

But I want something more! I want a certain goal. And I haven’t reached that goal…. Yet. So in order to reach that goal I have to change up what I did last year, and in general, the year before and the year before to reach this goal. And the only person that can reach my goal is me-

I can think about it and pray about it and talk about it…but it takes me doing, listening, reading, training and improving my skills to reach this goal. No more excuses. I’m not too old, too far down the road… I need to reach or I won’t get to it. I’ve been reading incredible scriptures that motivate me to just be strong, quit complaining and explaining why I can’t.

Last thing, I saw an article, I don’t remember where, about writing down your time and your schedule. Into blocks. To see where you can borrow time from. so I am writing down when I get up, go to with, driving and work time, lunch and dinner time, chore time, etc. you get the idea. Look at see where you could borrow a time block-

So for me that is an hour or a bit more in the morning (I’m awake then after coffee and devotions)

And an hour at lunch. Wrote it down.

For me that is 14 hours a week to do something with that is me reaching towards my goal.

At night I’m a fuzzy, nappy, worn out from work (hospice) not creative person so night doesn’t work for me.

Daytime blocks of time for me-

I wrote down my goal and what it looks like and what I have to do to reach that goal and it is me…. Every…. Day…. Doing my best but also doing different. If nothing changes nothing changes. Wow. What about you? Is there some thing stirring within you that you want to change? Drop me a line below I’d love to hear!


Debbie Booth

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