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The last few months have been leading up to a big change. Going to work each day life seemed to be on an endless track and then… we got a house offer and job offer and suddenly we’re moving! Our goal. Move to another state. Why? Because we felt that there was more for us to accomplish!

Suddenly I was working with new people in a new place and felt some anxiety at having left what was comfortable.

Coming Home to a different home and not Knowing where things were. Don’t you know that being comfortable doesn’t make you grow? And I need growth! But I need to know where my makeup and toothbrush are!

I got out my planner and wrote down what I wanted, where I needed to grow and where I needed some education to learn new things. My son who is brilliant said “ mom always listen to podcasts, watch training videos how to do things and read.” Get better at who you are!”

New things, new old house, new job, new people- yikes it all seems unsure – but good too.

Do you make lists? Habakkuk 2:2 the Lord said Write the vision and make it plain upon tablets(paper) that he may run that reads it!

Wow what a great scripture for today. Write the important down so that you have a goal to reach, a marker to run to, a purpose or intention of something that exceeds who you are and where you are.

Here is a free printable for you from my new planner series that is also printable. Print and write on this page –

Goal planner page

Make a list today- on your phone or write down…. What do you need to improve yourself this year? Broken down is that education, job training, skill set learning, self growth, overall improvement? Write it all down. And then what can you do today to begin a different direction for yourself?

Planner – Plan for Success, Scripture strength too

Available at the link above.

Printable Planner for 2022

For me I’ve started listening to training videos in a certain area to gain understanding how to do something by people that know and can teach. I’m taking my lunch break at work and putting ear phones in and doing a 30 minute training. I cannot believe already what I have learned and already met a goal I had for myself. It is a great feeling.

Last thing- and it is simple. We do what only we can do- read, listen, train, educate ourselves…. And then we pray and ask God to do what only He can do. Proverbs 3:5,6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

There is something about joining Gods team, and getting coaching from the head coach how to play on the field of life. it’s a good thing. It’s a God thing. Blessings,

Debbie Booth

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