What are you Making? And a Free Printable

Some would answer the question above and say – make messes!

Or I make cake. How about I make money? Or I make things? Crafters create. Quilters make quilts. Mechanics make cars run. Builders make buildings. organizers organize… the list goes in and you get the point.

Have you made goals?

It is the middle of the year and I’m making new goals. No wasted days. No complaining. Solve the problems I can solve. Bring order to my home(closet, desk, kitchen….). And …. Make my days more productive.

I’m limiting my time online (scrolling) in order to be productive. And make things. Make goals that I can achieve not just hope to achieve.

Free printable for you!

Here is a free printable for you. Click on it and when it opens right click to save. Save it. Then reopen and print or send to Staples or like office co. And have them print out for you. I print out on card stock or sticker adhesive sheets(full sheet sticker page) and then cut and use in my planner.

You see I want you to make the best use of your days as well. Instead of letting circumstances direct your day, you decide what you need to do, should do or want to do. We all have work, we all have responsibilities. But there are moments- those moments matter. Those moments when invested make things richer.

Last thing- when our kids were little I needed and wanted to sew. But life was crazy and busy. I read an article that made a suggestion and it made all the difference. It said have one or two days where you power work or power clean and do all the things. Then by the third day you can give- give yourself some needed hours to do what you want to do. Voila! I started doing that in Monday’s and Tuesday’s so I could see and create on Wednesdays. And I was a better person inside as a result.

Part of my sewing work room ❤️

What can you do for yourself that matters? Eliminate one tv show so you can do something you love? Or put your phone down and do that project for 30 minutes each day? If you did that by the end of the week you’d have given yourself over 2 hours of time by just rearranging things.

Start today. Do something today you’ll be happy with tomorrow.


Debbie Mills Booth

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