No Wasted Days

This is the real me. – Working today on some wonderful things and I realized “No wasted Days” is my phrase. For the rest of my life phrase. I decided this year wouldn’t define me. Not quarantine, or being sick for a few weeks with the Corona, or watching our 6 year old granddaughter have chemo and now prepping for a bone marrow transplant next month… no this year isn’t one from hell its one where we fought back, watched things come our way and with the help of God are fighting back.
It’s one of overcoming.
It’s saying yes this happened but we fought back, didn’t cower in fear but covered with the shrapnel of real life stood firm and anchored in God. A year of breakthrough not breaking.
If not for God….

This is my year of being stronger and having a tenacity I didn’t know was possible. My kids have proven themselves stronger in the storm.
It is a year of pushing through and not accepting the norm of complaining about everything that is rough right now but being grateful for life, healing on the other side of Leukemia and life beyond tragedy.
There is hope beyond measure, peace (Jehovah Shalom) beyond understanding and
A future that looks bright regardless of circumstances-

Debbie Mills Booth

#mountainsarebeingmoved #betterdaysahead #therealme #ribbonwoodcottage

Ecclesiastes 7:8

Job 8:7

Galatians 6:9

Jeremiah 29:11

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