It is a Good thing, It is a God thing!

When taking our middle son to college we had several other students with us including my 80 year old mother. We were having a wonderful time until we were in a terrible car accident. There were 3 cars in our group and 2 were totaled. The crazy thing was we had prayed for safety and that God would keep us safe. Our middle son is the one below left that is the tallest guy in our family picture.

As soon as I got out of our car that was totaled I rushed to check on my mother and the other kids in our group….and no one was injured. Just the cars. We ended up renting cars and making our way to college and all the kids arrived safe.

Right after the accident I couldn’t help myself when I looked to the sky and said “we just prayed for safety” pointing at the cars. “God I prayed. Me!” haha I’m not sure what was such a big deal about saying that but I did. Very calmly I sensed the Lord speaking to me, yes He speaks to me (Jeremiah 33:3) and He asked “Who is injured?” I looked around sputtering, and finally replied “No one Lord, no one is injured.” “In fact everyone is ok.”

Learning several years ago my walk with God is not dependent on good circumstances and Him answering my prayers to my liking. God is God. He alone is Jehovah. I know from praying that it is more about changing me, my heart, than changing my circumstances.

He says He will answer prayers. Psalm 143:1

He does hear us when we call on His name (Psalm 116:4)

He does know when we are struggling (Psalm 5:3).

It is an every day process trusting God. Not getting upset or coming unglued when I don’t get my way. (Big smile) I say that because I had a good friend actually that threw a fit when God didn’t answer her prayers. She acted so upset, that she eventually quit walking with the Lord. She basically threw a fit because she didn’t get what she wanted. How many times has this happened? I don’t know but it probably happens a lot.

But it is good knowing God is with us (Emmanuel – God is with us.) He will never leave nor forsake us.


Debbie Booth

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