Americana Flag and Scripture

Hey everyone! It’s Quarantine day 24567&$89 and we are alive and well! Actually I am one of those people who fights being told that the world is ending and we should all be horrifically depressed and give up. No not me.

So …. I’m learning some new things. Creative digital content. Watching YouTube videos and training videos how to create things from ebooks, to digital products, how to make cheese and how to decorate farmhouse style in 2020. A wide range of interests. Instead of watching movies and passing the time 😂

If my people Flag Printable

All that yammering to say- one of my favorite things to create is inexpensive art that I can frame and use as wall art in my house.

This flag art is in my Etsy shop as a printable. Frame it and use as decor.

Good Words For You EtsyThe scripture is 2 Chronicles 7:14 . Always mindful of Gods plan and His love for redemption and saving people, generations and nations.


Debbie Mills Booth

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