The Blessing

As a child I was fortunate and blessed to travel with my parents to many states. We visited churches, Bible studies, conferences with a large gathering of people sometimes thousands…. they were there to grow their faith in God and build their relationship with God. You see my parents knew the key to having me believe in Jesus was to have me see Jesus.

This made an incredible impact on me as a little girl. What I saw captivated me. During worship at these gatherings often people were touched in a visible way. It was very moving. My heart was captured at a young age.

By Jesus. I’ve forever been imprinted by the love of Christ. For a lifetime.

It was simple. What my parents did was the beginning of living a legacy. Of giving something that had value to me as a young girl. The gift of believing in Jesus and that gift has anchored me all of my life. There was no pressure or manipulation. But a simple showing me what Christ could do.

Know your why. This is pivotal. We grow up, go to school or get jobs. We marry we have kids. We live life. But what is your why? My why is my family and giving them what is in my reservoir so to speak. Rich faith. Deep faith. An anchored faith. Knowing God is real. Knowing what my purpose in life is. It started with my parents. But it is strengthened each day now in my life.

There is purpose in this. And to be very very transparent I want to see my kids grow and be strong in their faith so that they are strong people, strong spouses, strong parents and more. And not implode or fall apart by the chaos that life brings.

That is a tall order but it is a key factor for me. There is purpose in it. And for me my purpose started young and it has anchored me all my life.

So what can you do now to have purpose? Here are some simple ways to focus on your purpose. Realize what you are good at. Or do you lean towards. Fixing hair? Fixing cars. Are you good with math. Or do you excel with computers and programming? Whatever it is begin to train and educate yourself by reading articles, listening to podcasts or watching YouTube training videos in that area. Grow yourself. Improve your knowledge. Be smart in your area. Give time to this everyday. Shift your time. Make time for your growth.

We can all be busy and never produce anything because we didn’t take time to tend the seeds we planted. Eliminate one thing from your day and fill that time slot with something that makes you grow. Think about it and do it. Watch this – the words say it all. From nations and incredible musicians all over the world. The Blessing


Debbie Mills Booth

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