Gods Destiny and Plans for You

Gods plans for you? For you to live for Him.

God has a destiny for each of us. We sometimes think we’ll it’s not a big deal because We’re just a mom or We just go to work and build cars or something we put ourselves down for. If you’re a mom be a great one. Changing diapers? Pray over the little one that they will hear Gods voice at a young age. That they will never taste the rebellion of the world and live for Jesus.

Desiring a baby? Thank God for His promise and His word that says be fruitful and multiply- believe God for the baby now. Thank Him now for answering your prayer.

I was so grateful when our daughter told us God had spoken to her, brought healing to her heart during the waiting. Isaiah 54 “sing oh barren woman…” we both sang. Healing came.

It came in a sweet feel good, heart was broken but got better kind of way.

My husband and I holding our baby granddaughter-



a year before on this same day we were with our daughter as she was miscarrying…. losing a baby… our grandchild….

All the tears, questions, heartache and then we were holding the promise in our arms…. a year later. God did help us. Isaiah 41:10. He did hear us as we cried out to him.

Are you working crazy hours? Do everything as unto the Lord.
Needing healing and hope for a better tomorrow? Give God your today.

If you are older, or retiring enjoy the life that God is giving you during this season. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Joshua 1:8,9 Ask Him to help you, to be strong and courageous, to hold you and empower you.

Lazy? Get up and do something. You can’t reap what you haven’t sown.
Honor God with your words, actions, and choices during this season.

Complaining? Tell God your sorry. Tell God you need new thoughts. New hope. While your waiting thank Him for things you do have… legs, hands, arms, eyes to see, a roof over your head, a voice, there are people without those things that would be grateful to have them.💕
Don’t trip yourself up with discouraging thoughts. You’re in charge of them- listen to something good that will fill you up with faith and hope.

Every day I struggle with complaining or being negative about something. My rule for myself is when those thoughts come I have to out loud say something- so out loud I will say Thank you God for:

And then I say something I am blessed with. Gas in my car. Healthy again after being sick with COVID19. Enough toilet paper 😂😂😂 enough food and supplies. A job that let me work from home. I thank God for my hands so I can sew, cook and change diapers…

I thank God for at least 10 things to close my mouth on the complaining direction it was going. 😊

With thanksgiving,

Debbie Mills Booth

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