Happy Doing Dishes? And a Miracle!

Why yes actually I’ve changed my focus about doing dishes! People think I’m crazy but think about these circumstances for a moment-

Consider that everyone you love except for one is sick with the virus in your home. You go to great lengths to protect the one because her immune system is compromised with Leukemia- 2 forms of cancer actually. So your son takes her somewhere to keep her safe, another family members house for weeks. during this time we start to get better and we all get over the virus. Still staying quarantined.

Then the worst possible scenario happens and she gets sick with the virus and has to go into the hospital- the children’s cancer hospital has a ward just for kids with the virus. But something wonderful happens- she has a fever and does test positive but has no symptoms! Wait what? After 10 days she gets to come home and see her mama she hasn’t seen in 3 weeks.

So we’ve been cooking, celebrating, fixing favorite meals and doing tons of dishes.

The thing is this- dishes usually are a drudgery. You look at the sink and just groan. However when the ones you love have their lives risked because of a deadly virus your thinking shifts.

You become grateful for those dishes because they represent a meal with someone you love very much. Those dishes represent healing and getting through a terrible season of illness. Those dishes represent food eaten with lots of laughing, story telling and memories that you’ll never forget because you are grateful. Each dish represents a person.

Easter together 💕

Oh and our little Leukemia patient? She has two more years of treatment but the doctors are saying her remission is occurring as we speak.

“God I am grateful beyond words. Let me never be so shallow that I miss your blessings because my focus is on the mundane chores of every day life. I’m grateful for this life 💕😷. In Jesus name Amen.”

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