Our circumstances don’t determine our Destiny – God does

First off who wants to go to the doctor? Or the dentist? Most people don’t plan that first thing, but should you need their help, then you’re all over making plans with the dentist and the doctor.

With that thought in mind making good plans can require strategy. We can all do a better job taking care of the car, the teeth, the tonsils….So the emergencies don’t all occur on the same day- you know the flat tire, the toothache and the tonsils need to come out.

No one plans all the rough stuff on one day.

However, things beyond our control can happen where it feels like all the rough stuff is happening all at once.

What do you do do? It’s actually simple.

With God as our football coach, He gives us this game plan and strategy-

Don’t panic

Don’t be afraid

Don’t even get depressed

I’m here to help you- we will get through this

I’ll strengthen you and Make you stronger

Hold you close during this day or season and uphold you with my righteous right hand.

I bring rightness to every situation.

Isaiah 41:10

God always knows we need Him and we need help during especially difficult days that are beyond our control.

But we don’t need to fall apart, scream and flip out- sure we can get upset and emotional but collapsing doesn’t have to happen.

Just a few months ago I remember the day, we found out our 5 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. I sat on the floor and put my head in my hands. Very tough. Very emotional.

How do you respond?

I remembered thinking ‘I’m too far in with God to go the other way. So God help us.’

That is the game plan.

A very long time ago I asked Jesus into my heart to become my Lord and from that point on I’ve been all in. No turning back and no walking away.

So we go through- through the rough storm. The dark part of life. And God helps us.

God helps us.

God is God regardless of our circumstances.

He is the God of miracles and the God who gets us through. Our circumstances don’t determine our destiny.

God does.


Debbie Booth

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