Good words, good plans

Planning and Remembering the Plan

Have you ever said you’d do something, then forgot to write it down? Then someone mentions that they did it or went to the event and you got upset….at yourself because you didn’t write it down.

This is a simple reminder, write it down.

Can you imagine grandma’s homemade rolls that are the recipe of the century? What if it never got written down, and eventually forgotten?

Write down important things. Create your own notebook of important ideas, phrases, recipes, memorable names, dates, locations and more. There is something powerful and significant about writing things down because it helps you and others to remember. And that is the key.

When things are written down they all the sudden become worth remembering.
Write down what you need to happen today, this week.
Write down what needs to happen in this life.

Even God helps us when He says “Take heed or be mindful of your heart and soul, your inner emotions by remembering what I’ve done for you. Don’t forget. Remember what you’ve seen. Then tell them to others, to the next generation. Don’t ever forget.” Deuteronomy 4:9

As a believer it is even more important to me to be mindful of what God has done for me. Writing it down. Remembering.

Book of Remembrance

We write it down so we don’t forget.

Book of Remembrance is a great tool for remembering. Scriptures on remembering and a place to write it all down.

BE mindful of what you write. Not just a to do list. There are more important things….your reason for existing. Your purpose. Your call. Your destiny. It all matters because you matter. Any notebook will work.

You are important to others and to God. Don’t forget that. There is only one you. You matter. You are loved with an everlasting love. Jeremiah 31:3

Debbie Mills Booth

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