Good words for the end of the year

No matter what this past year has been like there are some good things to remember-

Wisdom comes from experience. Like touching a hot stove you’ll think to yourself ‘well I won’t do that again!’

With wisdom also comes the realization circumstances change. What seemed impossible a year ago may look different now. The way you respond or make decisions may be different.

We had made big plans, cooked for a few days and planned to meet with our family for a special time. Well it started snowing, and it kept snowing, which caused us to stay home we were basically trapped by outward circumstances.

We could have tried to travel but that would have caused uncertain consequences. It caused us to change our plans because we had to.

The good word is flexible. Frustrating yes. We changed plans because of problematic weather. In the end we were safe. We may never know the trouble we would have faced….but we are home safe.

This coming year I am changing some things.

I am giving myself some workable goals.

Rather than saying I am going to clean my closet out…..I am putting a black trash bag in my closet and every morning while getting clothes to get dressed I am pulling out 5-10 items that are no longer workable.

It is breaking down the big goal to little goals.

Photo source: Pinterest

Big goals overwhelm. Then we tell ourselves we can’t possibly achieve the goal and talk ourselves out of the goal. Goals never get actualized. Frustration sets in and we walk away from our goal. It was important enough to make and we walked away from it!

My goals are to write, design and create new devotionals and Bible study resources. So each morning for 1 1/2 hours I will devote that time to goal oriented actions. I’ve already started.

Each day is filled with possibilities. Each day is a day to live more life and less mundane activities.

We all have seasons. Some are taking care of loved ones who can’t take care of themselves. There is a good scripture and a good word for those seasons.

Don’t quit!

“Let us not grow weary in doing good for in due time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9



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