Christmas time

Just a couple more days!

My husband and I make more plans for Christmas than we are able to carry out. How about you? There seems to be several events we would love to go to…but as the time shortens we start crossing off things we just can’t do.

I even used washi tape to cover some things I felt guilty about not doing! Haha it now eases my mind to look in my planner.

Lots of tape and stickers covering up the pages.

Really we’ve been baking cookies with our grandkids and making Christmas cards and it has been wonderful. Our one granddaughter who can’t go anywhere because of chemo and a low immunity has caused us to refocus and make more plans at home.

Cookie baking

Movie watching

Pop corn popping

Emma Joy has loved all the Christmas preparations.

Lots of happy moments at home.

I’m grateful for days like this.

After work we’ve just been home because that is where we need to be. It’s been a very precious season.

I’m mindful of what is important and not my to do list.

I have been getting up at dark thirty to get laundry done and a few other things that have to be done!

Wishing you a wonderful merry Christmas!

Debbie Mills Booth

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