Good words, good plans

How busy are you?

Hey everyone! With Christmas over I’ve realized it is time to regain control over chaos! There are pretty Christmas decorations all over my house, and they’ll get put away soon. But more than that things seem to slide during December because of all the activities, church functions, kids musical concerts, etc. I’ve enjoyed all of… Continue reading How busy are you?

Good words, good plans

Good words for the end of the year

No matter what this past year has been like there are some good things to remember- Wisdom comes from experience. Like touching a hot stove you'll think to yourself 'well I won't do that again!' With wisdom also comes the realization circumstances change. What seemed impossible a year ago may look different now. The way… Continue reading Good words for the end of the year

Good words, good plans

One Thing Each Day

Each day. One thing. Or two things. With work, Christmas and special events to go to it can be hard to focus on what we are really about. We want to be good friends, good employees, good spouses, good parents. But some days there's too many things to do and not enough time to do… Continue reading One Thing Each Day