Do This One Thing Each Day

Hey everyone! Are you busy? We are all busy and some days are busier than others.

Do this one thing each day. Write down a word, a list or a goal in your planner or on a notecard you’ll see.

We speak words, we write words, we email words. They are the language we speak.

Words written on a to do list remind us of important things:

Pay the electricity bill!

Or….looking back at words can remind us of sweet words that others wrote to us.

Words are more important now than ever. They stop us in our tracks reminding us we need to fulfill our purpose for the day.

Whether it is doing the laundry, paying a bill, or reminding yourself of something those words point to something important.

You have a purpose. It is important and necessary.

Changing diapers or changing planes you make someone’s life go around. I remember my mother in law telling me when I first got married ” someone has to pick up the dirty socks and underwear and wash them, or else disaster strikes the next day before school or work.” She’s an incredible woman that knew her part in the family life was like being an anchor. She said we are a team, and the team helps each other. Nothing is too demeaning. Nothing is unimportant if the team wins. Made sense to me.

You matter. You are an anchor too. Your words, your lists, your little reminders, matter. Because words matter.

Did you know when you write down a word, a note, a goal you are much more likely to accomplish it? Write down a simple phrase or a list of things to do. You’ll be more focused because you’ve written the words down,and your actions will follow the direction of your goal oriented thoughts.

The percentage rate of people who complete their goals goes up tremendously.

I go back through my planners and cross things off or move them forward to a list of things that still needs to be completed.

Of course if you have a list of 25 things realistically you’ll only do a portion of those things.

So…with that thought in mind the top 4 or 5 most important things should be written down.

Then eliminate the distractions. Social media, tv or people coming over. If possible. It isn’t easy I know with little ones being raised in your home.

If your top 5 things are really important then it is up to you to focus without distractions knowing the completion of these top 5 will take so much pressure off of you!

Free printable for you to print out and write on.

Just make a small goal. Write it down. Write one thing down. If you’re able to do that one thing write two things down!

Write it down. And while you are at it, remind yourself you can do great things with God’s help. You can be peaceful during a storm when He is your anchor.

Circumstances don’t determine your destiny in life. God does!

Debbie Booth

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