Big changes

Hey everyone! Our family has taken a bit of a break.

Our precious granddaughter was diagnosed several months ago with Leukemia.

We were pretty shook up. But we also knew we needed a gameplan not just to navigate through this but walk her towards health.

We believe God is a good God and we knew we had to have our entire family walk through this with us. The good news is she is heading towards remission. There is actually a medical plan for her to get there. It isn’t a race just a day by day walk and process.

I’ve been a Believer for a long time so I didn’t shake my fist at God or make threats, throwing a fit telling God I’d walk away on this one.

Instead I prayed and asked God for help.

Something I can’t explain happened. A peace, an inner strength came.

A calm settled in.

Since. Our kids and grandkids were babies I’ve prayed protection scriptures over them.

Psalm 91 is my favorite chapter to pray over them.

Psalm 91:10 says ‘No evil will befall you no plague will come near.’

I love that scripture. And I continue to pray it over all the kids.

Even on the roughest days where there was pain and tears. God helped.

God strengthened.

God came and was with us. Our entire family.

Emmanuel. GOD WITH US.

My Bible and planner clipart was created to print out and cut and use for a reminder. I tape reminders everywhere for our family. On the doors, mirrors and refrigerator. So we see it.

Reminders that God is with us. He comforts, heals and helps us. Always.


Debbie Mills Booth

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