Planner Planning

Hey everyone! It was such a beautiful day here. The weather is warming up finally.

This year has been one of getting things fixed and put in order. That includes my planner. I carry it with me every day and in some ways it is far more important to me than my purse! It has irrecplaceable things in it and I am trying to back it up by scanning some of the most important pages.

I also have a little bag in my purse that holds washi tape, extra pens and stickers. I use them not necessarily for cuteness as much as marking a page that I want to remember to go back to.

Last thing is I have been working on journaling printables. Things that are easy to print out on colored paper. Cut and adhere to my planner, journal, Bible, etc.

It is important to me because I want to choose what I see when my day first gets started. Encouraging and uplifting words that build up and refocus my thoughts from the get go. Normally I wake up and start thinking about all the things I need to do and I can get overwhelmed before I get to the kitchen to get my coffee!

Printables found HERE

So for me it is a necessary part of my day to open up my planner and write in things that come to mind, but also focus on what gets me going in a positive manner.


Good Plans

Good Days!

Debbie Booth

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