30 Minutes With No Interruptions- Yeah Right!

It is funny how we make a plan, a goal, determine this is what we are going to do. And then the interruptions begin.

The phone rings…

Someone drives up to your home and knocks on the door…

Or the baby cries…

Someone needs help finding something.

OR I can’t find my planner that I wrote everything down in…

I’ve gotten smarter, I have a gameplan.

I get the planner, the writing utensils, my glasses, and I set an appointment for myself. For me it is early early morning because I can’t stay awake late.

Then I jot down reminder notes of what I want to write about, decide on, plan or make a goal regarding.

Then I go in to my 30 minutes of time with no interruptions prepared.

It takes planning.

It takes determination.

But doing this also helps me help myself. I want to accomplish a couple things this year. Ok 50 things. I want to accomplish 50 things on my list. But heaven help me it takes a plan or it won’t happen.

And I get so frustrated when the day goes by and I never have time to think, or plan or write. We are all busy working, living life, parenting and growing children or something.

30 minutes.

After 1 week that adds up to over a couple hours!


Debbie Booth

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